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BYD Qin plus 2023 Champion Edition DM-i 120KM Beyond

Qinplus 2023 Champion Edition DM-i 120KM Beyond features a hybrid powertrain that combines a fuel engine and an electric drive system. Hybrid technology provides higher fuel economy and lower tailpipe emissions.

The 120KM Transcendence Model is a long range, high configuration version of the model. In addition to the difference in pure electric range, the configuration is basically the same as that of the 55KM Transcendence Model, with the main difference being the increase in the size of the Adaptive Rotation Suspension Pad (12.8 inches), the addition of fast charging (it takes only 30 minutes to charge from 30% to 80% of the power supply), the VTOL Mobile Power Station, the VTOL Power Discharge Platoon Function, and the Lifetime free charging post installation service entitlement for the first non-operating owner.

The seats are very comfortable, they are made of a soft material and are very cosy to sit on as if you were on a sofa at home. The seats are also well designed with side supports.

The rear seats are spacious, so you can stretch your limbs freely and enjoy the spaciousness. There is also plenty of storage space in the car. There are storage pockets on the rear seats, compartments on the doors and a large centre armrest box. The car also comes with wireless charging. The cruise control function feels quite useful, especially when going on some fast roads or running on the highway is very practical, this function allows people to drive more relaxed, do not have to worry about speeding or stepping on the accelerator too heavy.




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