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BYD Qin plus 2021 DM-i 120KM Premium

The Qinplus 2021 DM-i 120KM Premium features a hybrid powertrain that combines a fuel engine with an electric drive system. Hybrid technology provides higher fuel economy and lower tailpipe emissions.

Qinplus exterior design is relatively sharp, using narrow squinting-eye headlights, two headlights are independent, followed by a large area of the air intake grille, the shape of the grille in the front view is also on the narrow and wide type, so it will look more tension, the bonnet above there are four contraction trend of the line, and this line in the visual is a certain three-dimensional effect.

The interior design is quite luxurious, first of all, the middle of this grille, especially three-dimensional, four All sides are suspended type, and the periphery also adopts the reflective bright black surface design, can play the role of the mirror, so it will look more luxurious. The car is equipped with a voice recognition system, which can control multimedia, navigation, telephone, air conditioning and sunroof, and an in-car intelligent system. sunroof, in-car intelligence system is also a niche brand, leather steering wheel, touch when the feel is very delicate, also with a full LCD instrument panel, and colourfultrip computer display.

Equipped with mobile phone APP control function, you can control the door, lights, air conditioning, start the vehicle, car condition query, positioning, you can also book maintenance, you can also go to look for charging piles, petrol stations, car parks and other places, the car can also be connected to the Internet, so that you can be connected to our data network, because it has a WiFi hotspot, as well as 4a network can be upgraded toa, of course. The most nose characteristic is that it is equipped with this central control screen, is self-talking should rotate suspension pad, can according to personal preferences for large screen flip, and there is also a mobile power station, the car's tune is also the type of automatic adjustment, you can carry out the targeted temperature zoning The air conditioning in the car is also self-adjusting and can be controlled by targeted temperature zones.

The range is still quite good, the role of mobility use is relatively strong, do not have to charge frequently, the strength there, but also more durable.




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