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In order to ensure the superior quality of our vehicle, we established our own internal quality assurance system complied with the quality control system.
1. Quality Policy And Target
We always insist our quality policy which are as follows: the purpose of meeting the customers' requirements, the criterion of achieving high quality, the aim of surpassing industry standard. Quality is the fundamental and we will fully meet the delivery requirements.
The overall aim of quality control system is to be a top level in china by reliable material, advanced equipment, skillful craft and human-oriented management. Our vehicles are of reliable internal material, fascinating appearance.and dependable quality and convenient operation.
2. Technical Support, Elaborate Control From The Source
Our company possesses the first-class technicians and advanced design schemes. 90 percent of the 26 engineers acquire bachelor degree and intermediate professional title. Over a half of the 130 technicians graduate from provincial and municipal vocational school and 90 of them achieve the position training certificate. The technical department build up the first-class computer-aided design system (CAD/CAE/CAM) and PROE and UG system in craft to enhance the accuracy of design and the strength of development.

3. Management Guarantee
Apply to ISO 9001.2000《the Requirement of Quality Control System, we draw up the 《Production Quality Management Brochure, regulate the quality policy and quality system, set up the fundamental rules of quality control conduct and quality activity implementation. Our volume production compartments all pass the specified basic property and reliability test and prove high performance. 47《Quality System Program Profile》are made to support the carrying out of the quality system elements, which guarantees the institutionalization and regulation of quality management. All the working profile both at workshop and office have unified format.
4. Strict Raw Material Inspection And Process Inspection

4.1. Raw Material Inspection
Suppliers shall provide the raw material on time and provide the relevant test report or other necessary documents.(For example second class chassis vehicle certificate, consistency report and so on)The documents are received by purchasing department and inspection department to do the initial test.
4.2. Process Inspection

1). Finished Stamping Product Inspection
ShaZhou Vehicle grasps mature stamping craft and equipts advanced stamping mould and efficient stamping device, which guarantees the quality of each component. Also, the workshop has designated quality control staff to ensure the quality.
2). Welding Inspection
As the most important procedure, ShaZhou takes a stricter manner to control the quality. Either a part of the vehicle or a tiny component is complied with the principle of quality and safety comes first. Moreover, every step is inspected carefully and well-recorded by the review and approval of the leader.
3). Coating Inspection
Coating process plays an significant role in modern production. Anti rust and corrosion prevention are one of the main parts of the whole vehicle quality. ShaZhou attaches importance to coating process. The appearance of the vehicle not only reflects the property of protection and ordination, but also constitutes the key factor of the product value.
4). Debugging Inspection
After the whole vehicle is assembled, quality control department personnel will conduct necessary test such as braking, lighting, releasing and rainfall test according to national inspection criterion.

5). Handover Quality Inspection Chart System
Between every procedure, there is a handover quality inspection chart. Every item of the last procedure has to be qualified, or it can not flow to next procedure. In special cases, approval by the quality control director is needed.
6). PDI Inspection
PDI inspection is an necessary test before the launch of a new vehicle.PDI inspection covers a vast range, which also contains many tiny tests: the normality of the accumulator on discharging, the existence of print damage, the disposal of basic tool, the warning mark at the main part and the accessory file an so on. Everything the inspection department does is to ensure the safety and comfort of our customers.
5. Over-Long Quality Guarantee Period And Complete After-Sale Service
The quality guarantee period of our special vehicle is as follows:
The warranty of the upper part is 3 years. The warranty of the chassis is 2 years or 50000 KM, which occurs first.
We have a special after-sales teams, team members are all experts in their respective fields,which includes mechanical engineering, sheet metal,electric appliance and hydraulic system.They all have much experience in vehicle maintenance.
We have a 24-hour response system. If there is a malfunction, the local city can be served within one hour, while in the province outside of the local city will be served within 3 hours.
There is also a contingency plan. We prepare certain vehicle of each type we produce in order not to delay the operation of customers.
In addition, we provide free training service, free maintenance service and door-to-door service.



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