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With the development of economy, the acceleration of urbanization process, the expansion of urban scale, the enhancement of urban functions and the improvement of modernization level, there will be a greater demand for commercial transport and urban construction service vehicles such as buildings, sanitation, gardens, electric power, communications, television, public security, judicial, Airport, finance, etc. Also together with factors like: the development of highway construction, the change of energy consumption structure, key project construction and the development of extended economy, and the market prospect of special purpose vehicle will be more and more broad.
Since Shazhou vehicle entered the special vehicle industry through the R&D of compressed garbage trucks in 2012. Especially after the reorganization in 2015, and it speed up its pace. Through the introduction of senior engineers in the industry, sharing group research teams, joint brother units, and cooperation with universities and colleges. After thousands of attempts, adjustments and improvements, shazhou achieved fruitful results:
In terms of garbage trucks, by absorbing the advantages of the current model and adopting the improvement measures proposed by final users, Shazhou has improved the side-loading garbage truck models to meet the actual needs of different regions. In addition, more advanced and automated Rear-compression type garbage truck and hoist hook type garbage trucks have successfully occupied certain market.
Moreover, new automatic sprinklers, multifunctional dust-depressing vehicles, anti-collision buffer trucks, new refrigerated trucks, improved wreckers, police vehicles, and deluxe commercial vehicles have all been successfully introduced to the market.
Shazhou Vehicle actively cooperated with the Mudan Group - its parent company, signed a strategic cooperation agreement, in order to share sales and service channels, Its sales & service company- Deruixiang Industrial Co., Ltd was established.
And two companies jointly invested in the establishment of Shangchi Automobile Co., Ltd., which is specialized in the development of new energy special vehicles, power train research, electric bus and special vehicle manufacturing. And now it has become a bus manufacturing enterprise under the national announcement directory, Jiangsu key new energy bus manufacturing enterprise also the vice chairman unit of Jiangsu New Energy Automobile Enterprise Alliance. 
We firmly believe that in the near future, Shazhou vehicle and Mudan group will turn around magnificently and become the largest R&D and production base for passenger cars and special vehicles in southeastern China. The three brands of Shazhou, Mudan and Shangchi will surely win the respect of the industry through quality and reputation, and become the Pearl of the Yangtze River.



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