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BYD Qin plus 2021 DM-i 55KM Signature Model

The model's electric drive system is equipped with an electric motor that has a maximum range of 55 kilometres in pure electric mode. This means that in pure electric mode, the vehicle can cover a distance of 55 kilometres for zero-emission and greener driving.

The exterior design is beautiful, giving people a feeling of stability and atmosphere. The body lines are smooth, looks very coordinated.LED headlights design is very sharp, through the tail lamps recognition is very high, after the night open the visual beautiful.

The interior has a large centre screen that can be rotated horizontally or vertically. There is a lot of built-in software, you can brush Jieyin, play games and so on. There are still a lot of functions, and the interior design style is simple and atmospheric, with fine workmanship. Support voice control, you can open the air conditioning, sunroof, etc. by voice control, full of technology.

The ride inside the car is very spacious, to meet the daily commute to walk to come through or no problem. The boot space is large and can put down a lot of things. When you go out to play, you don't have to worry about the boot space. Storage space: there is a lot of storage space in the car, in addition to the door storage compartment, the central armrest box, there is also a storage board under the gear lever, which can be used for mobile phone charging, which is still very convenient.

The front seats are one-piece seats, much like the sport seats. The seats are nicely wrapped for a comfortable ride. The seats support multi-directional adjustment with good head and lumbar support.

The power performance of this car is still quite good, plug-in hybrid model. Acceleration of 7.9 seconds for 100 kilometres, the family car, for power requirements are not high. To be able to meet our daily travel is enough, drive up very stable, shift is very smooth without frustration, can pure electric drive 50 kilometres.

Steering wheel feel good, very light. The steering is precise, and the throttle and brake are very sensitive. The chassis tuning is hard, and there is very little cornering. Reversing camera and radar are available, reversing and parking is still very convenient.




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