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Appearance Classification
The exterior of the vehicle is available in multiple colors, and the front face design uses a large area of chrome plating to make the vehicle more luxurious. The air intake grille is connected to the headlights, highlighting the overall look of the front of the vehicle. The smooth body lines and high-strength materials ensure the durability and safety of the vehicle. At the same time, the design of the body lines also enables the vehicle to minimize wind resistance and improve driving stability when driving.
Seat Layout Classification
The most common luxury modified Coast modification program is 6-17 seats. Each has its own advantages, and the seat layout can be modified according to customer needs. Please contact our sales staff for specific solutions.


In general, Toyota Coaster has various appearance styles and unique characteristics, which can meet the aesthetic needs and usage scenarios of different users. Whether it is business reception or personal travel, you can find a suitable choice in these modification plans.


The original Toyota Coaster exterior gives a feeling of atmosphere and calmness. Its front face is designed with large chrome decorations, making the vehicle more luxurious. The air intake grille is connected to the headlight cluster, emphasizing the overall sense of the front end. The body lines are smooth and paired with high-strength materials to ensure the durability and safety of the vehicle. At the same time, the design of the body lines also makes the vehicle to minimize wind resistance and improve driving stability when driving. The tail design is simple and generous, and the tail light group adopts LED light source, with high brightness and excellent visual effect. Wheels, the original version of the Coaster is equipped with multi-spoke aluminum alloy wheels, excellent visual effect, highlighting the vehicle's sense of power.

Black And White

The black and white two-color matching can create a classic and fashionable feeling, which not only reflects the stable temperament of Toyota Coaster, but also adds a touch of vitality and dynamism. 
This modification scheme maintains the advantages of the original version of the model on the basis of the clever use of color, making the whole car appearance more striking.


The appearance of the Black model modification is based on black as the main color tone, and the whole body exudes a calm and mysterious atmosphere. The front part of the car adopts a large area of smoked black center mesh, with sharp headlights, so that the whole car looks more domineering. The body lines are smooth, and the aluminum alloy wheels and body-colored bumpers add to the vehicle's sense of stability. The rear part of the car, the rear wing and rear bumper design also echoes with the front face, making the whole car looks more harmonious and unified.

Champagne Gold

The champagne gold modified exterior, on the other hand, adopts beige-gold color as the main color of the body with colorful center line, which makes the whole car present a noble and natural flow. 
The front part of the car also has chrome front grille design, front and rear gold Toyota logo and combination headlights perfect embellishment, make the whole car looks atmospheric and luxurious.


Airline seats are often designed to be very spacious and made from high-grade materials to provide excellent support and comfort. They support multi-directional electric adjustment and can be precisely adjusted to the needs and body shape of the passenger. This design not only ensures passenger comfort during long-distance travel, but also provides the best riding experience in different usage scenarios.
In addition, airline seats are usually equipped with leg rests, which help passengers relax their legs during rest and reduce fatigue caused by long-term sitting. Some seats also have heating and ventilation functions to provide appropriate temperatures in different climate conditions to ensure passenger comfort.

Alfa original seats also offer excellent comfort and functionality. The seats are made from high-quality materials and feature memory functions that intelligently adjust to the passenger's body shape and habits. The backrest and leg rests of the seat also support electric adjustment, making it easy to adjust the angle and position.

Alpha seats also pay attention to ventilation and breathability, and use cortical laser drilling technology to effectively prevent the growth of bacteria such as mites and facilitate cleaning and maintenance. At the same time, the ventilation and heating functions of the seats can also provide passengers with a comfortable riding environment.
In addition, Alpha seats also have some practical functions, such as folding tray tables and hidden cup holders, which can meet the needs of passengers for working and resting in the carriage. These designs not only improve the practicality of the seats, but also further enhance the functionality and comfort of Toyota Coaster as a commercial vehicle.

The reverse seat function of Toyota Coaster not only improves the space utilization and riding comfort of the car, but also provides passengers with more diverse ways of interaction and communication.

Toyota Coast’s electric rear seats are rich in functions and practical. They not only provide a comfortable riding experience, but also have a number of intelligent control functions, adding more convenience and fun to passengers’ journeys.


Seat types include: Alpha seats, reverse two-person seats, rear private seats, VIP seats
Depending on the vehicle usage scenario, the seat layout is also different:
For business cars, 12 seats are recommended. The 12-seater classic layout comes with a desk and main console, making working more convenient.
For reception cars, 8 seats are recommended. All are equipped with Alpha seats, which are comfortable and safe.
In addition, it has 6-8 seats with beds, making it suitable for traveling.


Business Travel Style

The business travel style interior design focuses on practicality and comfort. The seats in the cabin are wrapped in high-grade leather materials, which are soft and delicate to the touch and comfortable to sit on. At the same time, the interior color matching and material matching also reflect the designer's ingenuity, creating a calm and atmospheric atmosphere. In addition, Business Travel Style is also equipped with advanced multimedia systems, including large-size touch screens, high-definition audio, etc., allowing passengers to enjoy entertainment during the journey.

Business Style

Business-style interiors pay more attention to creating a business atmosphere. The car is equipped with a luxurious desk, which can meet the needs of passengers for business negotiations or working in the car. The desk is made of high-tech materials with good texture and supports wireless mobile phone charging and other functions, providing passengers with a more convenient working environment. At the same time, the business style also pays attention to the layout of practical functions, such as the design of multiple storage spaces to facilitate passengers to store items.

Red Model

The interior of the red Toyota Coaster is mainly red, full of passion and vitality. Design elements such as red leather seats and red carpets are used in the cabin to create a unique visual effect. At the same time, the red model also inherits Toyota Coaster's consistent comfort and practicality, providing passengers with a high-quality riding experience.

Classic Style

The classic Toyota Coaster interior is a perfect combination of tradition and modernity. It retains Toyota Coaster’s classic design elements, such as wooden floors, leather seats, etc., while adding modern technological elements, such as intelligent control systems, high-definition displays, etc. This design not only reflects the historical heritage of Toyota Coaster, but also demonstrates its innovative spirit of advancing with the times.

Obsidian Model

The interior of the Obsidian Toyota Coaster is mainly black, full of mystery and nobility. The interior of the car uses design elements such as black leather seats, black carpets and black interior panels, creating a low-key and luxurious atmosphere. At the same time, the Obsidian Edition is also equipped with a wealth of comfort and entertainment features, such as electric massage seats, surround sound systems, etc., to provide passengers with the ultimate riding experience.


Toyota Coaster floor customization provides a variety of options to meet the needs and preferences of different customers. Here are some common floor customization options:

Solid wood flooring: Solid wood flooring is made of natural wood and is made of real wood from one species of tree from top to bottom. It has a natural, warm and friendly texture, which makes the entire interior space more warm and improves the overall grade and quality. Solid wood flooring is not only beautiful, but also has strong toughness and wear resistance, and can maintain stability and beauty after long-term use. In addition, solid wood flooring does not contain any chemicals and is very healthy and environmentally friendly.

Composite flooring: Composite flooring is a type of laminate flooring, consisting of four layers of materials: the bottom layer, the base material layer, the decorative layer and the wear-resistant layer. The biggest feature of this kind of floor is that it has good wear resistance and is suitable for use in places with concentrated traffic. Moreover, composite flooring is relatively cheap and is the preferred floor decoration material for working-class people. It is also very simple in terms of maintenance and installation.

Yacht teak flooring: Teak flooring has a unique texture and color, which can enhance the luxury of the cabin. Its natural texture and color also give people a natural and comfortable feeling.

Carpet: In addition to hard floors, Toyota Coaster can also choose carpets as floor materials. For example, imported French wool red carpets or flame-retardant carpets not only enhance the warm atmosphere of the car, but also have good anti-slip and sound insulation effects.

When customizing the floor, customers can also choose the color and pattern of the floor according to their own preferences to create a personalized interior space. In addition, considering the practicality and durability of the floor, some customized floors are also anti-slip, waterproof and easy to clean, making it easier for car owners to maintain and maintain in daily use.


As a multi-functional commercial vehicle, Toyota Coaster has a wealth of configuration options and can be personalized according to different needs. Including partitions, audio and video, bathroom, bed, electric curtains, office desk/chess and card table, etc., whether it is business travel or family travel, Toyota Coaster can provide you with a comfortable and convenient mobile space.


Car Buying Process
View the vehicle online and contact stuff
Buy a vehicle now and customize your plan
Sign a contract and make a deposit
Internal quality inspection, delivery and transportation
Customer inspection, delivery of the final payment

Logistics Services
Please contact the sales staff for specific transportation methods.
 Sea transportation            Rail transport
After-sale Warranty
It aims to ensure that customers have a satisfactory experience after purchasing the product and maintain a long-term cooperative relationship.
  • Customer service agents are online for a long time and try to respond to messages in the fastest time possible.
  • Secondary inspection before leaving the factory to ensure the quality of the vehicle.
  • 1 year long warranty.
  • In case of any problems, even with customer service staff contact. Our company will provide you with the optimal solution.


Hebei Custom Vehicle Company is a leading company specializing in luxury Toyota Coaster modification business. Over the years, the company has established a good reputation in the industry with its exquisite craftsmanship, professional design team and rich modification experience.The company is committed to providing customers with personalized Toyota Coaster modification solutions. Whether it is business reception, government cars or family travel, it can be customized according to customer needs. The modification project covers all-round upgrades from appearance to interior, including body painting, wheel hub replacement, interior seat customization, sound system upgrade, etc., aiming to provide customers with the most comfortable and noble riding experience.
The design team of Hebei Custom Vehicle Company has rich creativity and professional knowledge, and can design modification plans that are both practical and personalized according to the specific needs and preferences of customers. At the same time, the company also has advanced production equipment and superb modification technology to ensure that every modified Toyota Coaster can achieve the results expected by customers.The company also has a professional customer service team to provide customers with consultation and answer questions at any time, so that customers can enjoy considerate and thoughtful service.
In short, Hebei Custom Vehicle Company has won the trust and praise of its customers with its professional modification technology, rich experience and high-quality services. Whether it is for individual customers who pursue quality life, or for corporate customers who need professional business reception, Hebei Custom Vehicle Company can provide the highest quality Toyota Coaster modification services.


Welcome to appreciate our carefully compiled Toyota Coaster product brochure.
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In the process of flipping through this album, you can not only appreciate Toyota Coaster's gorgeous appearance and comfortable interior, but also gain an in-depth understanding of its advanced technical configuration and humanized design concept. We present every detail with care, just to give you a more comprehensive understanding of the excellent performance and unique charm of this luxury bus.

Whether it is the first choice for corporate shuttles or a tool for luxury travel services, Toyota Coaster can meet your different needs with its excellent performance and quality.



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