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BYD Dolphin 2023 420km Freedom Edition

As the entry-level version of the BYD Dolphin, the 'Freedom Edition' is relatively simple, with no sunroof and rear seats that don't fold down. Fortunately, the Dolphin is equipped with a parking radar, 360 panoramic camera and cruise control. So, if you're just looking for a car for everyday use, the base version is the most affordable option.

The BYD Dolphin 2023 Dolphin has a new megapixel HD panoramic video system, 6-way electric adjustment for the main driver and TPMS tyre pressure monitoring system in all models, which makes the driving comfort and experience very good. Range time is a key option for many people when choosing a new energy vehicle, and with a superb range of 420km, it can meet all daily needs.

Next we look at the whole car from the outside, the car's shape design has a sense of combination of retro and fashion, the unique colour has a unique temperament, simple atmosphere without losing class, become a new energy car preferred by many women.

Then look at the internal structure, the configuration, the whole series of tyre pressure alarm function upgraded to tyre pressure display, driving mode new comfort mode, more to protect the daily travel safety. There are also front seat heating, passenger 4-way electric adjustment, electric folding mirrors and other functions, fully for consumers to bring a more perfect driving experience.

In fact, the main new energy vehicles green energy saving, nowadays all aspects of society are advocating energy saving and environmental protection, in the purchase of the car also of course to keep up with the current political, this BYD Dolphin 2023 Freedom Edition to meet the public's expectations of new energy vehicles, definitely counted on the cost-effective new energy vehicles, young people are more like the mobility car.




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