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  • Emergency Treatment Measures for Failures of Natural Gas Vehicles During Driving


    Emergency Treatment Measures for Failures of Natural Gas Vehicles During Driving Read More

  • How to define the features of refrigerated truck?


    As the saying goes, people rely on food as their heaven. Refrigerated truck carries cold chain logistics and is closely related to people's lives. In recent years, relevant departments have intensively supported the development of the refrigerated fresh-keeping truck industry from multiple dimension Read More

  • Advantages and disadvantages of CNG & LNG


    Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the two natural gas fuels Read More

  • Several commonly used insulation materials for refrigerated trucks


    Several commonly used insulation materials for refrigerated trucks Read More

  • Simple analysis of 3 Core technology of EV


    With the development of the times, electric vehicles have begun to appear. Because the power source and energy source of electric vehicles are completely different from traditional gasoline vehicles. As a result, many "electric vehicle companies" have also begun to emerge. In the field of electric v Read More

  • Advantages & obstacles of hydrogen fuel cell vehicle


    As a different force of new energy vehicles, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are known as the "ultimate solution" for new energy vehicles, and their advantages are obvious:The first is to recharge mileage. For example, the Hyundai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle NEXO is equipped with three hydrogen storage t Read More

  • Fuel switching control principle of dual fuel vehicles.


    On the basis of retaining the gasoline supply system of the vehicle, a CNG supply system is additionally added, and the CNG is depressurized and directly supplied to the engine. CNG or fuel can be selected through the fuel switching control device. This type of vehicle is called a gasoline / natur Read More

  • Hydraulic system & control system of rear loading type compression garbage truck


    With the continuous increase of the urbanization rate, the urban population continues to increase, and the phenomenon of siege of domestic garbage is becoming more and more serious, and the garbage processing stations are getting more far from the city center. The cost saving of garbage transfer, ef Read More

  • Implementation of 7 major upgrades in “Technical Conditions for Operating Passenger Bus Safety"


    Developing new standard and upgrading bus safetyIn recent years, there have been many big traffic accidents caused by passenger buses in China. These accidents caused heavy losses to people's lives and property, and sounded alarm bells for the safety of passenger bus.It is understood that China c Read More



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