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BYD Qin Plus 2021 EV 400KM Lingchang Version

The Qin plus 2021 EV 400KM Lingchang version adopts a pure electric drive system instead of a traditional fuel engine. It features an electric motor that provides power delivery and acceleration.

First of all, in terms of appearance, the front of the car is flat and low. The decorative panel with the "Qin" logo on the front face is combined with the upper edge of the left and right headlights, which increases the sense of refinement and widens the visual effect. The lamp cavity is equipped with lenses , using a full LED light source, the herringbone-shaped LED daytime running lights are very eye-catching when turned on.

In terms of size, the length, width and height of the vehicle are 4765*1837*1515mm, and the wheelbase is 2718mm, reaching the compact A+ level.

The penetrating taillight at the rear is a very popular design technique nowadays. The bright red LED light strip is highly recognizable after being lit, especially at night.

Interior, the layout of the T-shaped center console is simple, and the atmosphere is not bad at first glance. The decorative panel in the middle part improves the texture, and the 10.1-inch floating central control screen is also more attractive to young people. 

Equipped with main and co-pilot airbags, tire pressure alarm, ESP body stabilization system, reversing radar, reversing image, multiple driving modes, automatic parking, uphill assistance, keyless entry and start, battery preheating, automatic air conditioning, etc. 

The power part is equipped with a 136-horsepower electric motor with a maximum power of 100kW and a maximum torque of 180N m. It is matched with a single-speed gearbox for electric vehicles and uses a lithium iron phosphate battery pack. The announced NEDC pure electric cruising range is 400km, fast The charging time is 0.5 hours, and the slow charging time is 6.79 hours.

Generally speaking, this pure electric sedan has a beautiful appearance, enough space, good battery life and driving experience.




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