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BYD Qin plus 2021 DM-i 55KM Premium

The DM-i 55KM flagship model features a hybrid powertrain that combines a fuel engine with an electric drive system. Hybrid technology provides higher fuel economy and lower tailpipe emissions.

The design of the front end is relatively simple, with the trapezoidal grille occupying almost the entire area of the front face, above which a flat chrome crosses the left and right sides, with the "Qin" logo at the centre. The light clusters on both sides are set from low to high in a rising shape, with integrated diodes inside, and the low beam, high beam, and daytime running lights are all LEDs.

Body length 4765mm, width 1837mm, height 1495mm, wheelbase 2718mm, front wheelbase 1580mm, rear wheelbase 1590mm, the overall quality of 1500kg, fully loaded quality of 1875mm. side of the body design is relatively bland, compared to the front face of the Dragon Soul family design, the side of the side appears to be a lot of bland simplicity, and did not appear to be any special elements, the overall give the feeling more inclined to mature and stable style. The overall feeling is more in favour of a mature and stable style.

Into the car, more simple and generous furnishings into the eyes, the entire central control area does not appear much of the figure of the buttons and knobs, most of the on-board functions by the voice control and touch control operation is completed, from this point of view, this model in the sense of technology is still in place to control.

Intelligent configuration, the car intelligent system for DiLink intelligent network connection, mobile phone App remote control content has service reservation, vehicle monitoring, digital key, charging management, remote control, the number of cameras is 1, the number of ultrasonic radar is 4. In addition to this, the car is also equipped with 4 speakers, the process of driving, listening to songs and entertainment when the surround effect should also be good.

Seats 5 headrests are standard, imitation leather material laying, softness is still good, the front row for the sports style seats, have a good side support effect. The main driver's adjustment supports fore and aft movement, backrest angle and height adjustment, while the passenger's adjustment supports fore and aft movement and backrest angle adjustment. The rear seats can be put down in 40:60 ratio, and when expanding the storage space, the owner can put down one, two or all of the seats according to the need.

Influenced by the lighter body, the performance in terms of energy consumption is still good, with NEDC combined fuel consumption of 1.2L/100km and 100km power consumption of 11.7kWh/100km.The transmission is E-CVT, with BYD472QA 1.5L four-cylinder engine and permanent magnet synchronous motor, the top speed is 185km/h, and the official release of the 100km acceleration time is 7.9 seconds. The official 100km acceleration time is 7.9 seconds.

This model has both fuel and pure electric powertrains, blending the two to make up for the shortcomings between the two, which may make it a good choice for consumers with strong low-energy needs.




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