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Feedback for hanging type garbage trucks 
To:  Deruixiang Industry (China) Company Limited 
As per hanging type garbage trucks developed by your factory, after years of use, we now send our simple feedback to your company:
1, After use, we found this type side loading bucket hanging garbage is an ideal product for rural & urban sanitation system. The interlocking mechanism designed for the hydraulic system will protect the hydraulic system and enlarge the service lifetime.
2, Main parts your company adopted for the garbage truck are of reliable quality, no overhaul.
3, Material made of the tank are well treated and so far there is no rusting after 3 years’ use.
Also the sealing performance is ok no leakage during loading & transportation.
4, Quick response on claim, on-site service, enough & time spare parts supply is appreciated by our staffs. 
In summary, this model is an ideal garbage collection & transportation tool and we will recommend to brother units in others cities or areas. 

Your sincerely
Zhangjiagang Modern Agricultural Demonstration Park Environmental Sanitation office 

  Feedback for  vehicles purchased 

 In the past two years, our company has purchased several batches of vehicles from your company, including extended garbage truck, 1.5 ton garbage collection truck, 10 cubic sprinkler, 14 cubic sprinkler with rear water cannon, 10 cubic multifunctional dust suppression vehicle and anti-bump bumper trucks being planned for purchase. 

There are several main reasons why you have been purchasing from your company and cooperating with your company: First, it is your company's after-sales service efforts that really let us experience worry-free after-sales. Secondly, we have truly felt your R & D strength. Your company often go deep into the working site and find out the real needs of customers and continuously improved and update existing products. The automation level of products is getting higher and higher. The multi-function dust suppression vehicle developed by your company enables us to undertake more complicated projects. No matter how harsh the construction site is, we can ensure basic supply for the water and electricity. 

We have full confidence in your company and plan to purchase a newly developed crash buffer car according to your proposal. First, it can protect workers, reduce possible losses, and improve profitability. Second, it can undertake highway maintenance, road snow removal and other projects.

We are willing to grow with your company hand in hand.     
Your sincerely
Jiangsu Jiangshan Landscape Construction Co., Ltd.
5th March 2020


Ravinda Singh | National Manager-Parts & Service

Their warranty policy is ok , they did keep their promise about the claim,quick response & action, Parts arrive us at first time .These makes our customer very happy. 


Mr Jeansethu

The refrigerated truck I bought 5 years ago now still working quite well, its refrigerating effect is so good, inner structure of the compartment is of excellent sealing performance,the quality of chassis is very great, the vehicle didn’t need major repair since I bought it.

Mr. Jean Louis Joel | a buyer from Nicaragua

The 12 seats deluxe coaster model commercial minibus arrive us two weeks ago was really amazing. My family members love it very much. Air purifier, aviation seat, refrigerator, wifi, every detail is so humanized, We really have many fun with it.Especially the Chinese style carpet.


Mr. Javier carlo sandueza Cama | a buyer from Peru

The tank truck I bought three years ago didn't rust till now and the warranty period is eight years, caused the great antirust technology; The power stainless self-pirme pump makes my work very easy. If you stand on the tank, you will find that the steel plate they uses is obviously thicker than other manufacturers. Last time when I was cleaning the inside of the tank, I found that the internal structure is very reasonable. There is a wave plate every 1.5 meters. The welding process is also quite good.



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