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2022 BYD Song Plus EV 1.5T Automatic Signature PLUS

BYD Han is an electric car launched by BYD. As an electric model, the BYD Han is kinder to the environment by reducing dependence on traditional fuel and reducing tailpipe emissions. At the same time, electric vehicles have relatively low energy costs, enabling owners to save on fuel costs over the long term.

Song plus, BYD's new compact SUV

In terms of appearance, the face is closed, looks more simple. Both sides of the headlights have silver decorations in the middle, and the exclusive "Song" logo can be seen in the middle.The headlights have a unique shape, adopting a dragon claw design, with a blue background effect, which is not usually eye-catching. In terms of functionality, they provide adaptive high and low beams, automatic headlights, height adjustment, delayed switch-off and headlight rain and fog mode.

From the side, the dimensions are adequate for a compact SUV, with a length, width and height of 4,705,1890,1680mm and a wheelbase of 2,765mm.The flagship model is equipped with privacy glass at the rear and multi-layer acoustic glass at the front, taking the experience to a new level. The door handles are a traditional solution with no hidden design. The upper beltline has a certain curvaceousness that extends from the front end to the taillights. The bottom wheels have a five-spoke design and measure 19 inches, making them more aesthetically pleasing when running than at rest. The rear of the car is full, with the taillight cluster design running through, with a slender centre area and an energy crystal design incorporated on the left and right sides. When lit, they are in the shape of a dragon's claw, and silver accents can be seen at the top for a visual presentation that won't feel boring. As a family top model, it is equipped with the function of electric tailgate. The bottom of the boot is relatively flat when opened, and the rear seats support proportional recline, which is also relatively flat when reclined.

The colour scheme is two-tone for a smaller and fresher look, and the centre console area is T-shaped for a more symmetrical look. The centre screen is 12.3" and features 360 degree rotation. The on-board system uses DiLink 3.0. in fact, the functions are all there. It won't be too hard for a novice to get started. The car comes with a 360-degree panoramic camera that allows you to see your surroundings in real time with no signs of getting stuck. The multifunction steering wheel looks thick, but wrapped in leather, it feels pretty good. In front of it is a 12.3-inch colour LCD instrument screen, which supports three theme switching and a simple UI interface.

In terms of comfort, the one-piece seats are made of faux leather and are moderately soft, but there are no particular problems with comfort. The rear is softly padded and the backrest angle is adjustable.There is an openable panoramic sunroof overhead.

In terms of power, the Taizen uses a single motor with a total motor power of 135kW and a total motor torque of 280Nm. In terms of drive modes, four options are offered, namely standard mode, economy mode, sport mode and snow mode. The standard mode is more suited to everyday city traffic, with a relatively smooth start and a particularly friendly drive on congested roads.




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