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To Be A Solution Supplier For Property Management & Greening Engineering

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"We need both gold and silver and green water and green mountains" This has become the main theme of national development. As a livable city in the United Nations and a national sanitary city, Zhangjiagang's economy continues to develop at a high speed, and it is particularly outstanding in terms of environmental protection.

Such gratifying achievements are the results of the unremitting efforts and hard work of many greening and property companies in Zhang Jiagang. However, with the diversification and complication of greening operations, and the increasingly strict acceptance standards and requirements for the construction company, it requires higher requirements on the equipment of the construction company.

Recently, Sha Zhou Vehicle delivered two new vehicles at the site of construction company, one is a multi-purpose dust suppression vehicle and the other is a sprinkler. At the request of Jiangsu Jiang shan Construction Co., Ltd., Sha Zhou Vehicle selected Dong Feng quality chassis, and modified multiple multifunctional sprinklers for the company.

In this order, a multifunctional dust suppression vehicle was specially made. In addition to the green sprinkler function of ordinary sprinklers, it also has multiple functions such as drug spraying, emergency power supply, cooling and dust suppression. This vehicle is highly automated, which greatly improves the operating efficiency of the construction company, and expands the scope of business that can be undertaken. It allows the construction company calmly face the more complicated and difficult construction environment, thereby create more opportunities and value for the construction company.

10 CBM water tank truck in operation site

10 CBM multi-functional dust suppression truck in operation site

After the vehicle was delivered, the two sides discussed the garbage trucks and the newly developed anti-collision buffer vehicle of Shazhou. With the development of the company, Jiangshan Construction's business scope is not only limited to greening, but also slowly set foot in residential and factory properties. And garbage trucks produced by Shazhou vehicle are already one of the necessary tools for property units. Considering the characteristics of narrow urban roads and large traffic volume, Shazhou recommends the improved model of MD5073. 

In recent years, workers often go to road pavements for construction and maintenance operations, but due to inadequate safety measures for road operations and increased road insecurity factors, there is a greater hidden danger to the personal safety of construction workers. In order to ensure the safety of maintenance workers, equipment and passing vehicles, the new "Rules for Safe Maintenance of Highway Maintenance" puts forward the technical requirements and layout requirements for the construction site to be equipped with "vehicle crash pads" safety facilities.  Combining with its own actual needs, Jiangshan Construction finally chose a double-row collision bumper car produced by Shazhou Vehicles to ensure the safety of maintenance and construction personnel.

Sha Zhou Vehicle aims at the forefront of the world and the needs of national development, and strive to develop and manufacture anti-collision bumper vehicles that are relatively adapted to the domestic operating construction environment.


At present, Sha Zhou Vehicle has launched several anti-collision bumper vehicles, which have been successfully introduced to large and medium-sized cities such as Shanghai and Guangdong.

Snow removing staff protection 

Traffic accident protection 

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