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Mobile Extended Shelter Customized By Us

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Mobile extended shelter customized by us

The square shelter is organically combined with various sturdy materials to form a convenient and movable whole. The square shelter is similar with a container. According to different needs, corresponding structural design is carried out inside the compartment, and different equipment and devices are installed, which will have specific functions.

Multi-function square shelter 

From traditional basic square shelter, ordinary box trucks, to refrigerated box, to prisoner trucks customized according to customer requirements, mobile police cabins, movable instrument test cabins, etc., we have made repeated attempts and improvements. The following are some examples of traditional square compartment made by us.

Dual temperature refrigerated compartment

Rest compartment

Working compartment 

The application area of square shelter is expanding with the continuous development of the technology. However, due to the limitation of the width of the transportation vehicle, the use space provided inside the compartment is quite narrow, which limits the use function of the compartment.

Therefore, we have cooperated with scientific research institutions to develop an expansion mechanism for movable and expandable square shelter, which solves the problems of narrow internal space, poor practicability & difficulty of transport. Since they are restricted by the width of transport vehicles in the current technology. 

The square shelter is generally rectangular, and expansion compartments are provided on the left and right sides of the compartment, and an expansion mechanism is provided at the bottom of the expansion shelter. The expansion mechanism drives the expansion compartment to expand and contract in the left and right directions of the cabin.  

Rear view 

Front view 

Extension Mechanism left

Extension mechanism right

The expansion compartment on the left and right sides are gathered through the expansion mechanism, and when they are gathered, they are flush with the left and right sides of the cabin body, so that the compartment body is narrowed to the width of the standard transportation vehicle. And it will not hinder the line of sight during transportation and it also improves the Safety and convenience and maneuverability of transportation. It allows mobile square compartment can be widely used in command systems, communications, medical care, and logistics support.

More information inside extended shelter  

compartment Inside 1

Compartment inside 2

Compartment inside 3

Separate compartment inside 4

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