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Excellent Service Maximizes Customer Satisfaction

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As an integral part of the automobile industry, after-sales service is crucial to the survival of a company. Whether the customers can become the company’s long-term partner depends on their satisfaction with its after-sales service. As the market competition intensifies, the capability of providing fine-grained after-sales service can help companies stand out from diversified competition. Shazhou Vehicles always knows that the day the vehicle is sold represents the beginning of service, rather than the end of service.

Our company promises to:

1. Provide users with 24/7 customer support.

2. Provide users with new vehicle training and on-site technical guidance as required.

3. Respond to the users’ service request within 10 minutes. If a user needs on-site service in Zhangjiagang, we will arrive at the scene within 1 hour. If a user needs on-site service in other cities in Jiangsu Province, we will arrive at the scene within 2 hours. When a problem occurs, it will be resolved the same day. Any quality complaint from overseas users will be responded within 3 business days.

4. Provide lifetime technical support and warranty service for our products. Free warranty services with different terms are also set up for different products.

5, Regular on spot service support and guide both domestic & abroad

 Oversea market service spot  

Overseas dealer site visiting 

Overseas CKD factory guidence

Steering adjustment checking on spot

Tipper Gear pump claim checking on spot 

Rear axle noise checking on sopt 

Excellent after-sales service cannot be provided merely by relying on promises and slogans. Instead, professional team is the most effective way to guarantee the quality of after-sales service. Shazhou Vehicles now has 9 maintenance personnel in its after-sales service department. They are all professionals specializing in a range of fields, such as machinery, electrical appliance, paint, sheet metal and hydraulic system.

Core members of the after sales service department

By cooperating with 4S stores and service outlets of chassis, our chassis service network allows all users to enjoy worry-free shopping and driving both at home and abroad. 

Director Chen was monitoring YUEJIN service station serving work for our garbage truck customers 

The technician was carefully checking the hydraulic system of the garbage truck as per instruction list.

After-sales service must be supported by sufficient spare parts supply. In response to an emergence, Shazhou Vehicles has set up a special warehouse for after-sales service. We have an inventory of spare parts for the assembly of major products that can meet the needs in more than 10 years. In case of any failure, our staff will arrive at the scene within the specified time limit, repair or replace the failed parts immediately.


Special warehouse only for service department 


To satisfy customers, Shazhou Vehicles does far more than it should. Only by continuing to innovate and develop new products, a company can maintain its competitive edge in a keenly contested market. No product can have a permanent competitive advantage. To get a leg up on competition, the company must continuously launch new products to meet new requirements of consumers. In a broad sense, the innovation includes both the development of new products and the improvement and replacement of old products.

Shazhou Vehicles remains abreast of the market requirements, introduces top talents in the industry, and develops high-tech products to meet the requirements. It provides special warranty terms for the new products developed by the company to ensure full traceability throughout the service. In this way, users can operate normally without any economic losses caused by failure, and first-hand knowledge can be also acquired to timely adjust and improve the products. 

Tracking service for garbage loading mechanism in Changzhou city

Shazhou Vehicles places a great deal of focus on vehicle maintenance records and on-site visits. Vehicle maintenance records can help us summarize common problems, while the end-user’s feedback on trial can help us better understand the customer needs and product deficiencies. With the information above, the production will be improved to be more in tune with our users.

Before improve

Rear door bottom without extra sweage tank

After improve: 

rear extra sweage tank + door lifting mechanism 


Shazhou Vehicles has always striven to be a overall solution provider for one-stop shopping. Taking garbage trucks for example (one of the company’s knock-out products), by constantly improving the initial design & original model to expand the product category, we have developed a range of new models, such as the vehicles for collecting kitchen waste and construction waste... 

Refer to  water tank trucks vehicles, automatic sprinkler with front nozzles and multi-purpose anti-dust truck are also developed to reduce operators need and improve work efficiency and convenience . 

Fully automatic water tank with front mounted water cannon 

10 cbm Multi-functional dust suppression truck in disinfection working site

With the development of the economy, people's needs have become more and more diverse and personalized. And the demand for customized services is also increasing. Shazhou realizes that in order to gain a place in the fierce competition in the future, it is imperative to provide customized services. From simple seat layout change to dexule personal customization, intelligent update from single confuguration to multi-functional , Staff of Shazhou are working hard to offer more possible solutions for their customers.

Customized refitting case for VIP deluxe reception minibus

Customized refitting case for function change to broadcast vehicle 


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