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Road Of Customization Service

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Road of Customized service of Shazhou

In golden autumn in October, there is dangui fragrance, beautiful autumn colors, and also joy of harvest. Sha Zhou Vehicle has achieved gratifying results again in its bold attempt to customized vehicles. Recently, Sha Zhou Vehicle has delivered another batch of Coaster business reception vehicles to a foreign customer for VIP customer reception.

Shazhou Vehicle has long realized that business customization, customization of interiors and customization of exclusive functions are hot spots in the future.

From the initial & passive refitting according to customer requirements on a Mudan Coaster copy.

Interior refitted for Philippines customer in 2015

Appearance  of 6 meter  VIP Coaster Copy

Then to 8 + 1 seat Coaster Imitation with practical refitting designed for the majority of enterprises’ business reception needs.

At last ultimate edition of high-quality, intelligent, comfortable, and luxurious products that are actively tailored for VIP customer, Sha Zhou Vehicle handed out satisfactory answers to customers step by step with superb craftsmanship. It already wined a lot applause from customers.

(Cases of Deluxe coaster refitted by Shazhou Vehicle)

Refitting Case NO 1 for reference

Refitting Case NO 2 for reference

Refitting Case NO 3 for reference

Refitting Case NO  4 for reference 

At the beginning of September 2017, the ninth meeting of the BRICS leaders was held in Xiamen, which attracted wide attention from home and abroad. The 15 pcs Mudan Coaster premium commercial vehicles made by Shazhou Vehicle have become the designated vehicles for the summit, which was a dazzlingly display "Made in China" to the world.

In 2019, aiming at the gap of domestic top grade business reception vehicles and high-end operating passenger vehicles, Shazhou Vehicle launched two new products, providing customers with a variety of choices.

In terms of customization of exclusive functions, Sha Zhou Vehicle have made more efforts and attempts. Police vehicles, food safety rapid inspection vehicles, Audio & Video broadcast vehicles are all have been successfully handed over to relevant departments and put into use.   


Security guard Post  

Security monitoring vehicle at Wanda Square


Food safety inspection vehicle 

Mobile broadcast vehicle refitting plan reference 1

Mobile broadcast vehicle refitting plan reference 2

In terms Medical serive, Shazhou long before launched  medical examination vehicle and mobile blood donation minibus as per request of local hospital & medical institutions.

Especially newly developed project , different type Ambulances have made a big contribution in victory with Virus.

Monitoring type ambulance sample reference

Transporting type ambulance sample reference

Though shazhou have achieved so much on the Road of customization, they never feel complacement.  Instead, they pay close attention to end customers, actively cooperate with relevant scientific research institutions . They are constantly doing research and development so that they can be able to make products which can better meet  needs of customer's.  

" What the people need, we will make that. " This is already been deep in heart of  Shazhou Staff.  We firmly believe that Shazhou will gain more and more success on the road of customization. 



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