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Development Of Shazhous' Garbage Truck

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Since the first independently-developed hanging bucket type garbage truck developed in 2012, Shazhou Vehicle have continuously improved their original products and enriched their products to meet increasing market demand. Currently, Sha Zhou has three major categories of garbage collection trucks, which are located in Zhangjiagang and surrounding cities such as Suzhou, Changzhou, Nantong, Nanjing, etc., and have been affirmed and praised by relevant companies.


First version garbage truck produced in 2015

Removable container type

garbage truck

bucket hanging type 

garbage truck

Rear compression type

Garbage truck 


After  entering 2019,  government’s orders have been continued. In June 2019, the Zhangjiagang City Appearance Management Office re-purchased five 8-ton garbage transfer vehicles from Shazhou Vehicle after the first purchase of seven units in March of 2019.


In August of the same year, Shazhou Vehicle received another order of in total 27 units for model 5042 from Zhangjiagang City Appearance Management Office, these vehicles are destined to be distributed to each town sanitation centers.   

27 units garbage truck  ready for delivery 

Delivery ceremony site 

  Not only government unit, but also privately-run properties companies and garbage transfer companies have increased significantly the number of orders compared to previous years. In particular, Changzhou, a pilot city for sanitation outsourcing, has become the second largest market of Shazhou Vehicle. Local sanitation property companies: Baolong Sanitation Service Co., Ltd., Hongchang Sanitation Service Co., Ltd., and Minyi Sanitation Service Co., Ltd. have purchased different types of garbage collection and transfer vehicles from Sha Zhou Vehicle in batches since 2018 to meet the growing demand business.

6 CBM rear compression garbage truck 

in operation in Changzhou city 

12 CBM rear compression garbage truck

in opreation in Changzhou City 

With the implementation of the "garbage sorting" policy in Shanghai, more and more cities have introduced or are introducing regulations on domestic waste management to incorporate waste sorting into legislation. Garbage is no longer a single species. In combination with daily life, it will be divided into 4 categories: decoration garbage; kitchen garbage; garden green garbage; perishable garbage. 

Among them, the kitchen waste has a high water content and a complex composition, which requires that the vehicle has good airtightness, simple and safe operation, high efficiency and convenience loading and unloading, and requires matching with later resourced equipment. Shazhou vehicle responded quickly by introducing senior experts, strengthening research on sealing and other aspects. Based on actual needs and trial feedback from fixed-point company, the design has been improved several times, and finally secondary pollution such as sewage leakage problem have been successfully solved. At last kitchen garbage collection truck was finally successfully developed. And even the first batch was well received, and the subsequent orders followed.

Kitchen garbage collection trucks for the city 

New construction garbage trucks testing on Road  

Shazhou Vehicle recognizes that electric sanitation vehicles, as an important new product for electric vehicles, will certainly replace traditional sanitation products in the near future. The earth needs low-carbon environmental protection, and the sanitation department is the first to take the responsibility. The electric sanitation vehicle, as a cleaning tool, has no pollution itself and has been recognized by the sanitation department. It has many advantages including its beautiful appearance contributes to the beauty of the city, it also reduces labor intensity and reduces noise, saves labor costs, and improves work efficiency. In addition, it has also achieved the low-carbon environmental protection slogan strongly advocated by the government. 

Right side of  jointly developed electric garbage trucks

Left side of Jointly developed 

         electric garbage trucks 

Patented rear lifting & loading mechanism designed and made by 

shazhou company   

     In line with the development trend of the times, Sha Zhou Vehicle has developed electric sanitation vehicles powered by lead-acid batteries and lithium iron phosphate power batteries, which have been put on the market in small quantities. And now Shazhou have started its customized service for electric garbage trucks.

Customized electric garbage truck case 1 

Electric garbage dump trucks ordered by local farm to transport grass or other plants

powered by Lead- Acid batteries 

Customized electric garbage trucks case 2 

box type, with rear lifting platform

ordered by  one cleaning company operated in city center 

powered by  lithium iron phosphate power batteries

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