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M6 Refrigerated Long Serving Life Box Truck

Refrigerated trucks are vehicles specifically designed for transporting refrigerated goods. They are typically equipped with refrigeration systems that can control the temperature and humidity inside the cargo compartment, ensuring that the goods remain fresh and safe under appropriate temperature conditions.
Refrigerated trucks are widely used in the food industry, particularly for transporting perishable foods such as meat, fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. These vehicles can maintain the low temperature of the goods, preventing bacterial growth and food spoilage.

  • Diesel 

  • 3205KG

I.  Rear cargo box is of good insulation performance and high transportation capacity

An M6 reefer box truck is a vehicle used to transport frozen or refrigerated goods. Its box is usually made of low-temperature resistant materials, such as stainless steel or aluminum, to maintain a low-temperature environment and ensure the freshness and quality of the cargo. A refrigeration unit and a temperature control system are usually located inside the box to regulate the temperature inside the box.


Company’s mature general structure of cargo van is adopted for freezer van assembling too. And the inner and outer corners between the sheets are all covered with angled profiles to enhance the strength. And the sheet frame is welded by a carbon steel rectangular tube. Cold light source LED lighting device and drainage hole & with airtight performance are provided inside the cargo van. And the internal panel of the bottom plate is a bamboo rubber board, which is firm and impact resistant and suitable for cargo loading and unloading.

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M6 refrigerated box truck is usually used to transport food, medicine, chemical products and other goods that need low temperature transportation. It can provide a stable low-temperature environment for the goods to ensure the quality and freshness of the goods during the hot season or when long-distance transportation is required. In addition, M6 reefer truck can also be used to transport vaccines, blood and other medical supplies that need to be refrigerated.

All in all, M6 refrigerated box truck is an important transportation tool, which provides a reliable guarantee for the logistics and transportation of food, medicine and other industries.


II . Cargo box is of high strength & long serving life

The material of the board surface is available in FRP, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc. And the cargo box has the advantages of light weight, high thermal insulation coefficient, strong impact resistance, no leakage, etc., it has good corrosion resistance and aging resistance under the medium such as atmosphere, water, acid and alkali and salt. By optimizing the design, the center of mass is lowered and the effective volume is increased.


III .  Light weight design underframe:

The underframe of freezer box is specially designed with high-strength all-aluminum constructure. The curb weight of refrigerated truck with aluminum underframe is 15% less than that with channel-steel underframe. And the loading capacity will be increased to meet the customer's load requirements under the same gross vehicle weight. And this design already obtained a national patent.

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IV.  world wide famous quality  refrigeration unit

SV series refrigeration units cover the application of large, medium and small refrigerated trucks, and continue the consistent advantages of Thermo king's high efficiency, reliability and environmental protection.

SV series adopt brand-new platform design concept, optimized design of evaporator and thermos king's quality-assured compressor with features of compact structure, small size and light weight, more fuel saving.

Optimized design of condensate drainage and structural design not only ensure the quality of goods transported, but also makes installation and maintenance more convenient.

Ultra-long-life evaporator and Thermo King’s compressor are adopted to improve reliability.

They are your best choice for refrigerated transportation solutions!


Features of SV 400 refrigeration unit

1, Split structure, which is suitable for small vans

2, Unique streamlined design

3, Optimized design of parallel flow condenser and evaporator, power cooling

4, High performance & long life integrated fan, low maintenance cost.

5, Large air volume design, fast cooling

6, Ultra-thin evaporator , more loading space




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