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18 Ton FOTON 40CBM Refrigerated Truck

A refrigerated vehicle is a special vehicle equipped with a refrigeration unit and a polyurethane insulated cargo van. And they are widely used for the transportation of frozen food (refrigerated vehicle ), dairy products (milk transport vehicle), vegetables and fruits (fresh goods transport vehicle), vaccine drugs (vaccine transport vehicle).
  • MD5186LCA


  • 8705909990

  • 4460 CC

  • 210 hp

  • Diesel 

  • 40 CBM

  • 18000 kg

In terms of exterior design, this Foton refrigerated truck is painted in space silver color, which is more unique than the mainstream red and curry gold color on the market. Above the high-roof cab, there is the exclusive character of Foton Super Truck, which enhances the brand image. The wide-body sunshade is equipped with vertical show-width lamps on both sides, which can reduce the intake of ultraviolet rays and improve the effect of certain show-width.


The 18-ton Foton 40-square-foot refrigerated truck is a large load and large volume refrigerated truck with a rated load of 18 tons, and the inner dimensions of the box are 6600x2450x2500mm, with a volume of 40.4 square feet. This model is suitable for transporting large goods, such as meat, fish, vegetables, etc. It can meet the transportation needs of large supermarkets, food processing enterprises and other customers.


The rear door frame has a flat door frame structure,which is made of 2.5 mm thick, 3 -class stainless steel material. And the rear door opening mechanism is also of stainless steel material; Sealing strip is added around the rear door to strengthen the sealing performance, the door gap adjustment and the optimized mechanism make the opening much more light & easy. 


II . Cargo box is of high strength & long serving life 

The material of the board surface is available in FRP, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc. And the cargo box has the advantages of light weight, high thermal insulation coefficient, strong impact resistance, no leakage, etc., it has good corrosion resistance and aging resistance under the medium such as atmosphere, water, acid and alkali and salt. By optimizing the design, the center of mass is lowered and the effective volume is increased.

III .  Strong power:

The model adopts Cummins 4-cylinder 220 HP engine with 4.5L displacement, which has strong power and can ensure the stable driving of the vehicle under complicated road conditions. In addition, the model is equipped with Faster 8-speed high and low gear transmission, which can provide more flexible transmission performance. The vehicle also adopts 10.00R20 steel wire tires, which have better wear resistance and anti-explosion performance.

IV.  world wide famous quality  refrigeration unit 

The Carrier SUPRA multi-temperature series is an independent refrigeration unit designed for urban refrigerated distribution trucks. The refrigeration unit itself is equipped with a dedicated engine and does not require a vehicle engine drive.


For many years, the SUPRA multi-temperature series has an unparalleled reputation in terms of performance and reliability and has been constantly innovating to better meet the needs of the market and customers.


In short, the 18-ton Foton 40-square-foot refrigerated truck is a refrigerated truck with a large load capacity and large volume, which is suitable for the transportation of large goods, and can meet the transportation needs of large supermarkets, food processing enterprises and other customers. With unique appearance design, strong power and reliable performance, this model is an efficient and reliable transportation tool.




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