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4X2 ISUZU 2.5 Ton Refrigerated Box Truck

A refrigerated vehicle is a special vehicle equipped with a refrigeration unit and a polyurethane insulated cargo van. And they are widely used for the transportation of frozen food (refrigerated vehicle ), dairy products (milk transport vehicle), vegetables and fruits (fresh goods transport vehicle), vaccine drugs (vaccine transport vehicle).
  • MD5043LCA


  • 8704210000

  • 2999

  • 15 CBM

  • Diesel 

  • 5000 kg

I.  Rear cargo box is of good insulation performance and high transportation capacity

The box is combined of 5 big board : Ceiling, front wall, side walls &  rear door 。And manufacturing process of the insulated boards of the walls  of the cargo van is large board bonding. The heat insulating layer is rigid polyurethane foam with a density of 42 kg/m3 (thickness 80-100 mm), No harmful ingredients is contained inside the heat insulating boards. The sheet formed by the bonding of the large plate has a smooth surface and beautiful appearance, and the sheet also has sufficient rigidity and strength; The sheet also has good performance indexes in terms of heat conduction, airtightness and water tightness.


Company’s mature general structure of cargo van is adopted for freezer van assembling too. And the inner and outer corners between the sheets are all covered with angled profiles to enhance the strength. And the sheet frame is welded by a carbon steel rectangular tube. Cold light source LED lighting device and drainage hole & with airtight performance are provided inside the cargo van. And the internal panel of the bottom plate is a bamboo rubber board, which is firm and impact resistant and suitable for cargo loading and unloading.

小冷藏车标注_画板 1

The rear door frame has a flat door frame structure,which is made of 2.5 mm thick, 3 -class stainless steel material. And the rear door opening mechanism is also of stainless steel material; Sealing strip is added around the rear door to strengthen the sealing performance, the door gap adjustment and the optimized mechanism make the opening much more light & easy. 


II . Cargo box is of high strength & long serving life 

The material of the board surface is available in FRP, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc. And the cargo box has the advantages of light weight, high thermal insulation coefficient, strong impact resistance, no leakage, etc., it has good corrosion resistance and aging resistance under the medium such as atmosphere, water, acid and alkali and salt. By optimizing the design, the center of mass is lowered and the effective volume is increased.


III .  Light weight design underframe:

The underframe of freezer box is specially designed with high-strength all-aluminum constructure. The curb weight of refrigerated truck with aluminum underframe is 15% less than that with channel-steel underframe. And the loading capacity will be increased to meet the customer's load requirements under the same gross vehicle weight. And this design already obtained a national patent.

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IV.  world wide famous quality  refrigeration unit 

 SV series refrigeration units cover the application of large, medium and small refrigerated trucks, and continue the consistent advantages of Thermo king's high efficiency, reliability and environmental protection. 

SV series adopt brand-new platform design concept, optimized design of evaporator and thermos king's quality-assured compressor with features of compact structure, small size and light weight, more fuel saving.

Optimized design of condensate drainage and structural design not only ensure the quality of goods transported, but also makes installation and maintenance more convenient.

Ultra-long-life evaporator and Thermo King’s compressor are adopted to improve reliability.

They are your best choice for refrigerated transportation solutions!


 Features of SV 400 refrigeration unit


1, Split structure, which is suitable for small vans

2, Unique streamlined design

3, Optimized design of parallel flow condenser and evaporator, power cooling

4, High performance & long life integrated fan, low maintenance cost.

5, Large air volume design, fast cooling

6, Ultra-thin evaporator , more loading space 

I The cab is spacious and the large curvature rearview mirror provides drivers a wide view. Front windshield and side window A-pillar blind area is only 7°. Car class seat, soft steering wheel, metal surface covered, high-grade quality sound system, fresh and comfortable, the driver will not feel tired even after long distance driving. 


II  Ton loading capacity front axle, 3 Ton loading capacity rear axle,4.1-meter-long cargo van, 12.8m3 maximun loading  volume, low curb vehicle weight, large carrying capacity.


III ,Advanced power system

This 4KH1CN5HS engine is developed by Isuzu in Japan. Electronically controlled high pressure common rail system from Denso is adopted, which has a high injection pressure. It can improve the discharge of visible emission of engine. Multi-hole small diameter electronic fuel injector can accurately and quantitatively inject diesel, which also improve noise and vibration of engine. Turbocharger and intercooling technology, electric control EGR+DOC emission control technology make this engine have the characteristics of strong power, low fuel consumption, reliability and durability. 

4KH1CN5HS fully electronic control diesel engine is of following features: high technology, strong power, super fuel saving, high reliability, light weight.


Engine features:

1,More environmentally friendly

Low emission and low fuel consumption in the whole life cycle and the performance of whole vehicle is improved synchronously. With lower noise and shaking and vehicle is quieter and more comfortable during driving.

2, Stronger power

More powerful, fully optimized power and low-speed output torque, has improved the vehicle's full load dynamic performance and climbing performance. 

3, More economical (fuel efficient)

A.    Low fuel consumption, compared with other domestic vehicles of same loading capacity, it can save at least 10%-15% fuel.

B.   No urea tank, no need to add urea, which reduces user’s cost.

C.   High reliability and low maintenance cost.

D.   Stronger fuel adaptability

IV . MSB-5SM-speed gearbox is adaptable to all kinds of road conditions and It is more fuel efficient.


Featurs of MSB-5SM gearbox 

1,  High precision, large coincidence coefficient gears will improve running smoothness and the service life of gear, also will effectively reduce transmission noise. Lower viscosity engine oils are required.

2 ,  Gear material standard, assembly bench test standard is much higher than the national standard. Indicators like the material thermal deformation survey, oxygen content, grain size and others are all higher than that of car use standards; The assembly is continuously tested at full load for 720 hours, equivalent to a normal journey of 100,000km. 

3,  Advanced technology and equipment such as reverse deformation, ultra-high voltage electron beam welding, secondary power shot blasting, gear matching and grinding are adopted. 

4,  It achieve mutual supply and share platform with Isuzu parts. The transmission assembly has entered the Isuzu global procurement system.




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