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Euro 3 Diesel Refrigeration Truck for Transport

Euro 3 diesel refrigeration trucks are widely used in industries such as food transportation, catering services, and pharmaceutical logistics. They are designed with insulated cargo compartments that help maintain a stable temperature and protect the perishable goods from external environmental factors.

  • 450hp

  • Diesel 

Euro 3 diesel refrigerated trucks are characterized by environmental protection, fuel economy, strong power, high reliability, efficient refrigeration and strong adaptability.

Environmentally friendly: Euro 3 diesel refrigerated trucks are powered by diesel engines that comply with European emission standards, which are more environmentally friendly with lower emissions compared to traditional gasoline vehicles.

Fuel Economy: The diesel engine has a higher fuel economy than the gasoline engine, which means that Euro 3 diesel reefer trucks are able to save fuel costs during driving.

Powerful: Due to the combustion characteristics of diesel fuel, Euro 3 diesel engines have higher torque and power output, resulting in better vehicle acceleration and hill climbing ability.

Reliability: diesel engine has relatively fewer parts and simpler structure, so it is more reliable and the maintenance cost is relatively low.

Efficient refrigeration: Euro 3 diesel refrigerated truck adopts advanced refrigeration technology, which can quickly reduce the temperature of the cargo to the required range and keep the temperature stable.

Strong adaptability: Euro 3 diesel refrigerated trucks are suitable for various different transportation needs, such as urban freight transportation, long-distance transportation and so on.

In summary, a Euro 3 diesel refrigeration truck provides an efficient and reliable solution for transporting perishable goods while meeting emission standards. With their diesel engines and refrigeration systems, these trucks ensure proper temperature control and the preservation of goods during transportation.




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