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EURO 3 Dongfeng Refrigeration Trucks for Transport

EURO 3 Refrigeration Trucks are equipped with refrigeration systems specifically designed for transporting perishable goods, such as food products or pharmaceuticals. These trucks are built to meet the EURO 3 emission standards while providing efficient cooling capabilities.

  • 250hp

  • Diesel 

Exporting EURO 3 Refrigeration Trucks is a viable option for transporting perishable goods in compliance with environmental regulations. EURO 3 refers to the emission standard set by the European Union, which aims to reduce vehicle emissions and improve air quality.

The features and advantages of Dongfeng Euro 3 Transportation Reefer Truck mainly include the following aspects:

Advanced technology: Dongfeng Euro 3 Transportation Reefer Vehicle adopts advanced technology and design, featuring high efficiency refrigeration, stable temperature, low energy consumption, etc., which is able to meet the demand for refrigerated transportation of different goods.

Reliable quality: the model adopts high-quality materials and parts, after strict quality testing and control, it has reliable performance and durability, which can ensure long-term stable use.

Flexible Configuration: According to different transportation requirements, Dongfeng Euro 3 Transportation Refrigerated Truck can be configured with different refrigeration units, cargo compartment structures and loading methods to meet the transportation requirements of different goods.

Efficient transportation: the model has a larger load capacity and volume, which can accommodate more cargoes, and can complete the loading, unloading and transferring of cargoes in a short period of time, which improves the transportation efficiency.

Energy-saving and environmental protection: Dongfeng Euro 3 Transportation Refrigerated Truck adopts advanced power system and refrigeration technology, which can reduce energy consumption and emissions, and meet the requirements of energy-saving and environmental protection.

When exporting EURO 3 Refrigeration Trucks, it is important to ensure compliance with the regulations and requirements of the destination country or region. Additionally, proper maintenance and servicing of the refrigeration systems are essential to guarantee optimal performance and reliable transportation of perishable goods.

In a word, Dongfeng Euro 3 Transportation Refrigerated Truck has the features and advantages of advanced technology, reliable quality, flexible configuration, efficient transportation, energy saving and environmental protection and good after-sales service, which can meet the needs of different users for refrigerated transportation.




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