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Highly Adaptable Advanced Technology Energy Efficient 4T 4.5T Excavator

Suitable for various working environments, such as gardening, cable pipelines, farmland transformation and other small spaces.
Can work in various occasions such as urban tap water, municipal administration, pipeline maintenance projects, civil engineering, etc.
  • 4T 4.5T Excavator

  • Diesel 

  • 4400*1600*2250

The 40 and 45 excavators have some common features in many aspects, which can be summarized as follows:

Strong adaptability:

Applicable to various working environments, such as narrow spaces such as landscaping, cable pipelines, and farmland transformation.

Able to work in various occasions such as urban tap water, municipal, pipeline maintenance projects, civil engineering, etc.


After installing various auxiliary tools, multi-functional operations such as excavation, crushing, ditch cleaning, and drilling can be achieved.

Excavation, wood grabbing, drilling, piling, compaction and other working functions can be achieved through optional accessories.


Wheel excavators are suitable for high-speed and long-distance self-transfer, and the general speed can reach 30-35KM/H.

The fuselage can achieve 360° rotation and flexible operation, which can reduce the limitations of the construction site.

Advanced technology:

Equipped with a powerful engine and advanced hydraulic system, it provides efficient working capacity and excellent excavation performance.

Adopting advanced intelligent control system, it can monitor various working parameters in real time and make intelligent adjustments to improve work efficiency and safety.

Easy to operate:

The operation is simple, and the cab design is reasonable, providing a comfortable driving environment.

The operation interface is simple, easy to learn and understand, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of operators.

Efficient and energy-saving:

Adopt advanced energy management technology to achieve efficient use of energy and reduce fuel consumption.

The hydraulic system has low power loss, fast action, good coordination of compound actions, energy saving and high reliability.

Easy maintenance:

The electrical system of the whole machine adopts centralized control, high reliability and easy maintenance.

Equipped with self-test, monitoring, emergency fault alarm and other early warning functions, good human-machine interaction, high-configuration electrical control software, and higher reliability.

Safety performance:

The cab has good sound insulation and protection performance to ensure the safety and mental state of the operator at work.




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