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Flexibility Easy To Operate 1.5T 1.6T 1.7T Excavator From China

These excavators are generally highly efficient and can quickly complete earthmoving and other related tasks.
  • 1.5T 1.6T 1.7T Excavator

  • Diesel 

  • 2500*1100*2200

As small excavators, the 15, 16 and 17 excavators usually have some common features, although the specific models and parameters are different. The following is a summary of these common features:

Small and flexible:

These small excavators usually have a smaller size, which allows them to flexibly adapt to small working spaces and are convenient for use in urban or limited space engineering projects.

For example, the 16-type excavator can operate in a small site, with 360-degree rotation and large arm side swing functions, which further enhances its flexibility.


These excavators usually have multiple functions such as digging, crushing, hook cleaning, drilling, bulldozing, etc., and the utilization rate of the machine can be greatly improved by quickly changing attachments.

For example, the standard bulldozer equipped with the 16-type excavator can be used for leveling the site, backfilling the earth, and increasing the stability of the whole machine.

Efficient and energy-saving:

Although the specific parameters are different, these small excavators usually focus on efficient and energy-saving designs. They may use advanced hydraulic systems and electronic control systems to improve work efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.

For example, the Yanmar Vio17 excavator adopts an advanced electronic control system, which can automatically adjust the engine speed and fuel injection amount according to the working conditions to achieve energy saving and emission reduction.

Easy operation:

These excavators are usually equipped with a humanized operating system, such as a reasonable layout of buttons and handles, which makes the operation more convenient and flexible, and reduces the difficulty and fatigue of operation.

For example, the operating system of the Zaoshan Heavy Industry ZS-15 excavator has a humanized design and is easy and flexible to operate.

Convenient transportation:

Due to their small size, these excavators can usually be easily transported by road or small transportation equipment, which improves their flexibility and convenience of use.

Strong adaptability:

These small excavators are suitable for a variety of engineering projects, such as small earthwork projects, municipal engineering, road repair, gardening, etc., and have a wide range of applicability.




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