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Efficient Long Lasting 1.5T Air Forklift for Factory

1.5T forklift trucks usually have efficient handling capabilities and are suitable for various warehouses, factories and logistics centers.
  • 1.5T air forklift

  • Diesel 

  • 2200*1250*2150

  • 1500KG

1.5T forklift is an industrial vehicle with specific load-bearing capacity and functions. The following is a detailed description of it:

Specifications and parameters:

Rated load: 1500kg (i.e. 1.5T)

Specific dimensions and configurations may vary depending on different models and manufacturers, but there are usually corresponding parameters such as fork size, vehicle length, width, height, etc.

Drive mode: It may be driven by an internal combustion engine or an electric motor, depending on the application scenario and needs of the forklift.

Functions and applications:

It is mainly used for loading and unloading, stacking and short-distance transportation of palletized goods, and heavy object handling operations.

It is widely used in warehouses, logistics centers, factories and other places, and is an important tool for material handling.

Design and features:

Body design: It adopts a sturdy chassis and cab structure to ensure stability and safety.

Power system: It provides sufficient power to meet various handling needs, while focusing on energy saving and environmental protection.

Hydraulic system: As the core component of the forklift, the lifting and lowering of the forklift, the extension and retraction of the fork arm, etc. are realized through the flow of hydraulic oil.

Steering system: Flexible steering is achieved through hydraulic control, which is convenient for operation in narrow spaces.

Safety: Equipped with a variety of safety devices, such as throttling devices for the mast pipeline system and built-in hood lock devices, to ensure safe operation.

Operation and maintenance:

Easy operation: Control the various functions of the forklift through the operating lever or button.

Maintenance: Regularly replace hydraulic oil, clean filters, check wheels and brakes, etc. to ensure the normal operation and service life of the forklift.


Operators should have professional training and certificates and strictly abide by operating procedures and safety guidelines.

Pay attention to safety during use and avoid dangerous behaviors such as overloading and speeding.

The following are the specifications of the vehicle:




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