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Easy to Operate Safety 2.0T Air Forklift for Warehouse

The 2.0T forklift is an efficient and reliable handling equipment with a powerful engine and flexible fork design to meet various handling needs.
  • 2.0T air forklift

  • Diesel 

  • 2350*1250*2150

  • 2000KG

When referring to a "2.0T forklift", this is usually a description of a forklift with a specific engine configuration and forklift functions. The following is a detailed description of this forklift:


Engine Configuration:

2.0T: The "2.0" here usually refers to the displacement or capacity of the engine, which is about 2 liters. And "T" is the abbreviation of "Turbo", which means that this engine is turbocharged. Turbocharging technology improves power and efficiency by increasing the amount of air entering the engine, allowing smaller engines to produce greater power.

Forklift (or cargo fork):

This is the main working part of the forklift, used to lift, carry and stack goods. The fork usually consists of two parallel metal arms that can be inserted into the bottom of the goods and lift or lower the goods through a hydraulic system.

The length, width and carrying capacity of the fork will vary depending on the design and purpose of the forklift.

Forklift Function:

The 2.0T forklift usually has efficient handling capabilities and is suitable for various warehouses, factories and logistics centers.

It can easily lift and move heavy objects, help improve work efficiency and reduce the need for manual handling.

In addition to basic handling functions, some advanced forklifts are also equipped with other functions such as side shift, rotation and tilt to adapt to different handling needs.

Operation and safety features:

These forklifts are usually equipped with easy-to-operate controls such as joysticks, buttons and display screens.

They also have a variety of safety features such as reversing alarms, emergency braking systems and stability control systems to ensure the safety of operators and cargo.

Maintenance and care:

Regular maintenance and care are essential to maintain the performance and life of the forklift. This includes changing the oil, filter and worn parts, as well as checking the hydraulic system and electrical system.

Operators should receive proper training to understand how to use and maintain the forklift correctly, and ensure that all relevant safety regulations and guidelines are followed.

In short, the 2.0T Hanging Fork Forklift is an efficient and reliable handling equipment with a powerful engine and flexible fork design that can meet various handling needs.

following is the car configuration:




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