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All New Mini City Bus 6m 16 Seats F7 Model

The interior of the F7 model is designed to provide comfort and convenience for passengers. It may include features such as comfortable seating, ample legroom, air conditioning or climate control, audio systems, and possibly even amenities like USB ports for charging electronic devices.

  • Diesel 

Length: The bus measures 6 meters in length, making it compact and suitable for maneuvering through urban areas with tight spaces and narrow streets.

Seating Capacity: The F7 model can accommodate up to 16 passengers, including any additional seating for the driver and other staff members.

Mini City Bus: The F7 model is designed specifically for city transportation, catering to short-distance trips within urban environments. Its small size allows for easier navigation through congested city streets and facilitates loading and unloading at various stops.

◆Forward collision protection mechanism

In event of forward collision, it reduces the body deformation and at the same time absorbs the collision energy to protect passengers.

◆Electronic Stability Control(ESC,optional)It prevents the rollover danger of vehicle in event of under-steer or over-steer of the vehicle during high speed cornering or lane change, guarantees the driving of vehicle as per driver'si ntention, and improves the active safety performance and body stability of the vehicle.

◆Advanced lane departure warning system(LDWS) and forward collision forewarning system(Optional)

◆Verication of parts in test chamber

Totally 43 part tests were performed, including the waterproof and dustproof test of lamps, the corrosion resistance test of trim parts, the motion reliability test of compartment doors, and the reliability test of seats.

The passenger seats with adjustable high backrest are fitted with USB port and foldaway table.

◆Front independent suspension from Benz technology

The double A-arm independent air suspension is equipped to achieve higher urban driving safety. In addition, it reduces the vibration frequency of vehicle body, effectively attenuates the bumpiness arising from the rugged roads and achieves excellent driving smoothness of the vehicle.




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