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Coaster Bus 10 Seats Customization from China Champagne Edition

Toyota coaster Bus-10 seats is a customized commercial ride, usually based on the original Coaster model with luxurious interior modifications to meet specific needs and provide a higher level of ride experience.

  • Diesel 

Imported Coaster often symbolizes higher prestige, with exquisite interior workmanship and complete configurations to meet the needs of multiple peers.

The following are optional modification features:

Comfortable Seats and Space: Modified seats may be more plush and comfortable, offering more legroom and adjustable seat settings.

Variety of Modification Options: for the modification of Coaster, different configurations can be selected according to the needs. For example, the straight exhaust bucket can shorten the exhaust process and improve the acceleration performance of the vehicle, but you need to be careful not to produce too much co-vibration.

Rich Entertainment Life: 32-inch high-definition networked TV, Danner audio and other entertainment equipment are installed in the vehicle, which satisfy the passengers' multiple needs during the journey.

Full utilization of space: the length, width and height ratio of the Coaster allows for superior modification space with virtually no upper limit for modification.

Practicality and Humanization at the Same Time: the vehicle is equipped with a luxurious desk, which is convenient for office work and study. Lighting design is also very humanized, with luxurious aviation roof lamps and thoughtful reading lamps providing passengers with a comfortable riding environment. Seat design focuses on comfort and nobility, and the 360-degree rotatable airline seats are convenient for office and entertainment activities.

Luxury converted vehicles are often personalised to the client's requirements to provide a unique ride experience.

Here is the basic information about the vehicle:




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District, 050021, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China



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