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9 Seats Classic Appearance Diesel Minibus Coaster

The comprehensive matching of economy, luxury and vehicle performance makes COASTER an attractive solution to many of today's traffic and environmental problems. She incorporated more enjoyment and efficiency into the handling of small passenger cars because we has always been people-oriented.
  • MD6701


  • 8702109210

  • 2892

  • 152 hp

  • Diesel 

  • 6500 kg

Coaster 9-seater commercial vehicle is classic and generous in exterior design, with a length of 7.005 meters, a width of 2.04 meters and a height of 2.62 meters, and a spacious and comfortable interior with enough space. Its appearance adopts streamlined design with clean and smooth lines, which looks very stable.



High-strength gold-steel closed-loop belt body,strengthened crash beam, brazing process are adopted at key positions. After 28 process including water washing, acid washing, alkaline washing, phosphating, electrophoresis, high temperature drying, etc., the body will not go rust for more than 8 years.

closed-loop belt body


Peach wood imitation center console is quite luxurious & atmosphere. Large & comfort driving space,various controls are within reach, and the design is user-friendly

Besides, perfect combination of luxurious leather seats with the wide side windows make it more spacious,brighter and more comfortable.

Interior view, Rear 

Interior view, Front

Coaster 9-seater commercial vehicle has also made many humanized designs and improvements in the interior. The seats are made of aviation-grade materials for comfort and durability, and are equipped with amenities such as a multifunctional desk and a hidden coffee table. In addition, the vehicle is also equipped with entertainment equipment such as high-definition LED display and surround sound audio to provide passengers with a comfortable ride.

ISUZU Technology chassis 

Independent suspension option

The front axle can be equipped with an independent suspension system, components of the independent suspension system are from the same supply system, ensuring reliability and comfort.

Coaster 9-seater commercial vehicle adopts 4.0LV6 engine in power, which has more powerful power than the imported Coaster, and is equipped with independent suspension system and ABS antilock braking system and other safety configurations, which makes the driving smoother and the ride more comfortable.

Top view, JX4D30 engine

Side view,JX4D30 engine

Intelligent & Low noise 

Forging crankshaft, double-support reinforced cylinder block, fractured connecting rod technology, and pistons with inner-cooling oil duct are all adopted to make sure the engine is of good reliability when it reaches the Maximum power and torque. So this engine can be of  better durability compared with original JX493(4JB1) engine. 

 Silent chain and gapless gear are adopted on the front end to drive valve timing gear train, high pressure oil pump, oil pump and other accessories, thereby it can realize  high reliability of diesel engine and lower engine noise. 

All in all, the Coaster 9-seater commercial vehicle has the features and advantages of classic appearance, strong power, high comfort, good safety and humanized design.




  No.260, Tangu Nan Street, Yuhua
District, 050021, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China



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