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10 Seats Luxury Coaster Bus with bed

A 10-seater luxury converted Coaster is a customized commercial ride, usually based on the original Coaster model with luxurious interior modifications to meet specific needs and provide a higher level of ride experience.

  • Diesel 

10-seater Coaster luxury conversion car is characterized by high quality, diversity, comfort and luxury, which makes it a suitable luxury model for business reception and long-distance travel.

The following are optional modification features:

Comfortable Seats and Space: It can choose to modify the leather seats to make the experience more comfortable and suitable for business reception or long-distance travel.

Luxury Interior: The interior may feature high-grade materials such as leather and solid wood to create a high-quality environment. The bus is equipped with a luxurious desk, which is convenient for office work and study. Lighting design is also very humanized, with luxurious aviation roof lamps and thoughtful reading lamps providing passengers with a comfortable riding environment. Seat design focuses on comfort and nobility, and the 360-degree rotatable airline seats are convenient for office and entertainment activities.

Entertainment System: Premium entertainment systems, such as multiple displays, sound systems and streaming capabilities, may be available to provide a more enjoyable ride. 32-inch high-definition networked TV, Danner audio and other entertainment equipment are installed in the vehicle, which satisfy the passengers' multiple needs during the journey.

Privacy Space: Considering the low seating capacity, it may be designed with more privacy space to accommodate individuals or small groups.

Bed Function: As you mentioned, the vehicle may be equipped with a bed function to accommodate long journeys or overnight stays.

Individual Climate Control: Passengers may be able to independently adjust temperature, lighting, etc. for a more personalised ride.

Storage Space: Considering the luxury models, more storage space may be available to accommodate luggage and personal belongings.

Privacy and Security: A smaller seating capacity can provide greater privacy and may have additional security features such as emergency alarm systems and anti-theft devices.

Customisation options: Customers can often choose from a variety of customisation options to suit their needs, including seating layouts, interior colours, equipment fittings and more.

Luxury converted vehicles are often personalised to the client's requirements to provide a unique ride experience.

Here is the basic information about the vehicle:




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