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7 Seats Gulfstream First Class Classial Coaster

The 7-seater luxury converted Coaster is a bespoke commercial rideshare vehicle for small groups or individuals with a luxurious interior and a variety of premium features.

  • Diesel 

The Coaster 7 Seater First Class is a luxury business vehicle known for its high quality and comfortable seating configurations. It features the classic Coaster model with 7 luxury seats, each equipped with first class seats for total comfort and support.

The seats in the Coaster 7 Seat First Class are made from high quality materials that are breathable and wrinkle resistant to ensure passenger comfort for long periods of time. The seats are also equipped with a number of adjustments, including seat heating, seat ventilation, and seat massage, which can be personalized according to the passenger's needs. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with an advanced entertainment system, including high-definition audio, LCD TV, DVD player, etc., which can satisfy the passengers' entertainment needs during the journey.

Here are the features of the bus:

Atmospheric appearance: Coaster models have an atmospheric appearance, smooth lines and excellent visual effect. The body color and design are also in line with the positioning of high-end commercial vehicles, showing a noble and luxurious atmosphere.

Comfortable and spacious interior space: The seats in the Coaster 7-seat first class are made from high-quality materials that are breathable and wrinkle-resistant, ensuring that passengers are comfortable for long rides. The seats are also equipped with a number of adjustment functions, including seat heating, seat ventilation and seat massage, which can be personalized according to the needs of passengers.

High-end configuration: the vehicle is equipped with high-end seats, audio, air conditioning and other equipment, as well as electric adjustment, heating, ventilation and other functions, so that passengers can enjoy high-quality comfort during the trip. Meanwhile, the Coaster is also equipped with a large entertainment screen and a premium audio system, providing passengers with rich audio-visual enjoyment.

Bed Function: Vehicles may be equipped with a bed function for long journeys or overnight stays.

High Safety: The Coaster model excels in safety, equipped with a number of active safety technologies, such as ABS anti-lock braking system and ESP body stability control system. At the same time, the vehicle is also equipped with airbags, seat belts and other passive safety features, all-round protection of passenger safety.

Modification and customization: According to customer demand, Coaster models can be personalized modification and customization, including seat color, material, interior decoration, etc. can be selected and adjusted according to personal preferences.

Here are some of the vehicle's parameters:

Overall, the 7-seat Gulfstream First Class Classic Coaster is a luxurious and comfortable business vehicle for corporations, government organizations and high-end individual users. If you need a high-quality and comfortable business vehicle, the 7-seat first class Coaster is a good choice.




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