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15 Seats Customized Coaster Reception Minibus Coach

Through mature design concepts, reserved but atmospheric refitting style, meticulous and perfect craftsmanship and superior quality materials, the true needs of customers and the spirit of luxury pursuit are presented wonderfully.

  • Gasoline 

The 15-seater customized Coaster reception minibus is an ideal choice for hosting VIPs in business activities with its spacious interior, advanced configuration, outstanding safety performance, customized modification, excellent performance and handling, and quality assurance.


Spacious Interior Space: the 15-seat seating layout provides a spacious interior to meet the needs of large group travel. Reasonable seating arrangement and enough legroom allow passengers to enjoy a comfortable ride during the journey.


closed-loop belt body



Outstanding Safety Performance:the sturdy body structure and passive safety features such as airbags also provide comprehensive protection for passengers.


Besides, perfect combination of luxurious leather seats with the wide side windows make it more spacious,brighter and more comfortable.


Interior view, Rear


Interior view, Front

IV,  Safe & stable Isuzu technology chassis

Isuzu's technical passenger vehicle chassis is adopted, which has been proven to be mature and stable, and high in safety by millions of trucks. The Isuzu N series reinforced dual-circuit hydraulic brake system is also adopted, which shortens the braking distance and smooth short and the braking. Also front independent suspension is also available on this model for comfort increase.

微信图片_20200317082543ISUZU Technology chassis indepdent

Independent suspension option

The front axle can be equipped with an independent suspension system, components of the independent suspension system are from the same Toyota supply system, ensuring reliability and comfort.

Modification and Customization: The 15-seat custom Coaster reception minibus can be customized according to the specific needs of customers, including seat materials, colors and layouts, office equipment, etc., which can be selected and adjusted according to personal preferences. This customization service makes the vehicle more in line with customers' individual needs.

Quality Assurance: As a product of Toyota Motor Corporation, the 15-seat customized Coaster reception minibus inherits Toyota's excellent quality of reliability, durability and fuel efficiency. After modification, the performance and comfort of the vehicle are further enhanced.




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