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12 Seats Customized Luxury Coaster Reception Minibus

Through mature design concepts, reserved but atmospheric refitting style, meticulous and perfect craftsmanship and superior quality materials, the true needs of customers and the spirit of luxury pursuit are presented wonderfully.
  • MD6700


  • 8702109300

  • 2694 CC

  • Gasoline 

  • 5100

Coaster is recognized as the synonym of luxury bus in the world and is the most trusted and loyal partner in your business activities. The aesthetically pleasing appearance and excellent performance are well received by users around the world.


At present, in the business reception vehicle market and among the government reception special vehicles, the most we can see is Toyota Coaster.

Though there are so many manufacturers of commercial vehicles, also many luxury cars are regarded as a symbol of distinguished status. But why did Toyota Coaster become a pioneer in the commercial vehicle market? why it has become the big brother in the commercial vehicle market. Below are the factors:


First: in terms of appearance 

The Toyota Coaster commercial vehicle has a 7005mm body length,a 2040mm full width, and a 2774mm height of. The body is tall and bold, and the interior space is spacious. Coaster attracts so much attention with its beautiful curves and eye-catching edges and corners. Every detail of its design reflects the perfect combination of shape and functions.

Second:  Strong power 

Toyota Coaster has a strong power engine, a 2.7L 4- cylinder engine model, which can meet all our needs during the trip.

This 2.7L-VVT_i gasoline engine (3TR) maintains the best air-fuel ratio through electronic control. The maximum output power is 113KW / 5200 rpm and the maximum torque is 242Nm / 3600-4200rpm. That is, the maximum speed of this vehicle can reach 120km. And it is particularly suitable for running in the city.


Engine Parameter:

Engine Model:



In line, water cooled, naturally   aspirated,MPI

Max power

154 Hps  

Rotation speed at max power

5200 rpm

Max Torque

242 N.m

Rotation speed at Max Torque:

3600-4200   rpm


2694 ml



Fuel consumption/100 km


Third: Comfort 

1, In addition, the Coaster 2.7L-VVT_i gasoline engine has a low noise level, which is particularly comfortable for the driver and passengers.

2, The front axle adopts a dual-fork independent suspension system, which can greatly absorb the front wheel impact force, achieving an ideal combination of driving control and riding comfort. The rear axle chooses variable-section leaf spring and stabilizer bar to further improve the stability and comfort of the vehicle.

3, The interior seat fabric is exquisite, and the angle of the backrest can be flexibly adjusted. The generous head and leg space allows for a comfortable ride. Together with high-end desks decorated with peach wood and leather, It fully meets the needs of business office.


4,  Original imported Alpha seat can also be customized, which is comfortable and beautiful. Also the independent individual provides passengers more space. These seats can be added with functions like ventilation, heating and electric footrests, which can give us a more comfortable travel experience.

5, The interior refitting is truly can be called marvelous. seats refitting, curtain refitting, and carpet style refitting can be reasonably customized. Also the ceiling can be decorated too. The most beautiful thing is more ingenious Lighting Design. In addition, the vehicle mounted refrigerator's thoughtful design allows us to store the fruit drinks and other foods or medicines we need at any time. The flame-resistant aisle carpet paves the luxury of the interior, which further enhances the sense of dignity of the business vehicle. 

Fourth:  Safety

As a commercial vehicle, besides comfort, safety is another major consideration. As for coaster, the ABS anti-lock brake system is standardly equipped .

2,  And all passenger seats are equipped with 3- point seat belt. Four emergency exits with breaking hammers can be easily noted. A reversing cameral is also offered to give you a clear view of what lies behind the vehicle. Also leakage protection system is also equipped which is directly connect to ON line.

Fifth : Entertainment 

MP5, Ceiling mounted 19” LCD TV with DVD console together with a four speaker quality sound system can also be customized as below, which can keep everyone entertained during the trip. 




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District, 050021, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China



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