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11 Seats Dual Fuel System CNG + Gasoline Minibus

  • ZQK6480D


  • 8702903000

  • 2693 cc

  • 163 hp

  • Dual fuel system 

  • 3350 kg

The 3TZ engine installed adopts advanced technologies such as VVT, electronic throttle (ETC), hydraulic tappet, roller rocker arm, plastic intake manifold, etc., which has better power and fuel economy performance, and is a high-end power for light vehicles.

Engine parameter


Engine model


Engine type

Gasoline,4   cylinders in-line, 4 stroke, Naturally aspirated, DOHC DVVT, Multi-points EFI  

Max   power/rotating speed(hp/r/min)

163/4600   ~5000

Max. torque/rotating speed (N.m /r/min)




Bore & Stroke (mm)

95 * 95

Compression ratio:


Unique technology

Double balance shaft

Natural gas vehicles are modified by adding one set of “CNG system” in the basis of keeping the same oil supply-demand system as original vehicles. “CNG system” mainly includes there parts, they are gas storage system, supply-demand system and control system.

Left side view

Right side view

Gas Storage System: It mainly includes gas filling valve, manual globe valve, natural gas cylinder, gas cylinder mouth valve, high-pressure steel pipe, etc. 

The natural gas density is very low under ambiance and atmospheric temperature, so as to store natural gas effectively, a compressing method is generally adopted to store natural gas to improve the storage content of it. The highest pressure for using CNG in vehicles is 20 MPa (It equals to compress 200 times of natural gas.)

There are safety valve and manual globe valve on gas cylinder (cylinder mouth valve) to ensure safe usage and convenient maintenance; There is safety valve on pressure regulator to ensure the security performance when there is any fault in the system.

CNG gas cylinders installation

I.  Fashionable appearance design, full of classic aesthetics everywhere, highlighting a strong business atmosphere. The extra-large side sliding door can easily accommodate two people entering and exiting at the same time, bringing an efficient and convenient boarding and alighting experience.


II. Elegant light or solid dark style overall interior can be customized as options. Classic dark gray PVC floor leather, non-slip and wear-resistant and it is easier to take care of.


 last row fixed seats


           last row hanging seats


Last row folding forward seats 

III. The passenger area is equipped with Ceiling mounted A/C, with spray style outlets and independent adjustment devices. Also a heater is installed on the ground. The negative ion air purifier on the roof lights ensures fresh and pleasant air supply in the vehicle.


A/C outlet & control at front 


Middle spray stey outlets (round)

_RB06363  A/C outlet & control at rear part

IV. The simple and elegant center console design makes the operation more flexible. Besides,the height-adjustable steering wheel makes it easy for every driver.


V. It adopts a car-type chassis design and a front-disc & rear-drum brake system, which greatly improves the handling performance. Also it adopts a load-bearing body structure which is light and sturdy. It reduces fuel consuming while ensuring driving safety. 


Disc brake


Loading bearing chassis

VI. International mature standard safety technologies like ABS+EBD, intelligent brake booster system are adopted to fully guarantee the safety performance of the whole vehicle





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