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7 Seats Classic Business Traveller Edition Coaster

The 7-seater luxury converted Coaster is a bespoke commercial rideshare vehicle for small groups or individuals with a luxurious interior and a variety of premium features.

The 7 Seats Classic Business Traveller Edition Toyota Coaster is a luxurious and comfortable vehicle designed for business travelers. It comes equipped with seven seats, providing ample space for passengers to relax and work.

Here are the advantages of the bus:

Luxurious configuration: the vehicle is equipped with high-end seats, audio, air conditioning and other equipment, as well as electric adjustment, heating, ventilation and other functions, so that passengers can enjoy high-quality comfort during the trip. Meanwhile, the Coaster is also equipped with a large entertainment screen and a premium audio system, providing passengers with rich audio-visual enjoyment.

Comfortable Seats: Seats may be made of comfortable materials and ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable ride for passengers.

Comfortable and spacious interior space: the interior space of the Coaster model is spacious and the seating layout is reasonable, which is suitable for business trips or long-distance travel. 7-seat design meets the needs of 7 people, and the seats are comfortable and have a large adjustable angle, which provides passengers with a comfortable riding experience.

Entertainment Systems: Advanced entertainment systems such as LCD screens, sound systems, DVD players or streaming services may be available.

Strong power: the Coaster model is equipped with a strong engine, providing sufficient power to ensure that the vehicle is smooth and smooth in the driving process.

Flexible modification and customization: according to customer demand, Coaster models can be personalized modification and customization, including seat color, material, interior decoration, etc. can be selected and adjusted according to personal preferences.

The 7 Seats Classic Business Traveller Edition Coaster is perfect for executives, business travelers, and anyone who demands the utmost in comfort and luxury. It's a vehicle that offers a refined and relaxing travel experience, ensuring that even the longest journeys are enjoyable and stress-free.

Here are the bus's configurations:




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