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18 Seats High End Diesel Coaster Minibus

The newly developed front independent suspension and load-bearing chassis not only have the comfort of business vehicles, but also have the characteristics of the large space of Coaster models. It really set the benchmark for commercial vehicles and is in a leading position.
  • C20


  • 8702109300

  • 2982

  • Diesel 

  • 4500 kg

   I.   Classic appearance

Coaster's streamlined shape design combines soft and rigid lines, which presents a simple and elegant temperament. Also it is full of fashion and modernity. Every detail of its design reflects the perfect combination of shape and function。


II. Classic workbench, large & comfort driving space,various controls are within reach, and the design is user-friendly. Furthermore, there are newly developped luxury dashboard with big console screen as options. 


old version dashboard

5f3874ce768a477d399489db06a39a5New dashboard option

III. Comfortable interior, large side window, flexible seat layout, high-end configuration, excellent quality, 


right hand drive with standard fabric seats


Left hand drive with fabric seats,luggage rack

IV. Vehicle electrophoresis pre-treatment and "three-coating & three-baking" coating process are adopted to enquiry the durability of vehicle body. Vehicle full immersion cathode electrophoresis process makes the vehicle enjoys the characteristic of super smoke resistance, humidity and heat resistance, stronger weather adaptability. And it can reach 10 years of safety and corrosion protection standards


High-strength gold-steel closed-loop belt body


Electrophresis process

V, fully loading-bearing chassis & light weight design 

The newly developed front independent suspension and load-bearing chassis not only have the comfort of business vehicles, but also have the characteristics of the large space of Coaster models.



 Body frame of C20 model 


Front independent suspenion

                    of C20 model 


       Bearing-load chassis 

              of C20 model

The load-bearing body realizes the weight reduction of the whole vehicle, the curb vehicle weight is reduced by nearly 1 ton compared with other similar brands, and the fuel consumption is reduced, which brings economic benefits.

VI . Multi-power choice:

DK4B diesel engine with strong power and fuel economy derived from Toyota technology; SC28R diesel engine with Italian VM technology, the above engines are all matched with 6-speed manual transmission. The gearbox is much more smooth and of fuel economy.


SC28R engine (Italy),Diesel


DK4B engine (Toyota),Diesel

VII.  High safety ABS+ EBD

ABS: brake anti-lock brake system. It not only has the braking function of the ordinary braking system, but also prevents the wheels from locking up, so that the vehicle can still turn under the braking state, ensure the stability of the vehicle's braking direction, and prevent the side slip and deviation. The most advanced braking device with the best braking effect.

EBD: Electronic braking force distribution. It automatically adjust the braking force distribution ratio of the front and rear axles to improve braking efficiency (to a certain extent, the braking distance can be shortened), and cooperate with ABS to improve braking stability


Intelligent brake boosting system: transplant the safety configuration of high-end cars, it can automatically recognize the emergency braking action, but provide more braking force within a time, effectively shorten the emergency braking distance.




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