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Several Commonly Used Insulation Materials For Refrigerated Trucks

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Several commonly used insulation materials for refrigerated trucks

Main insulation materials commonly used in refrigerated and thermal insulation truck are polystyrene foam, polyurethane foam and extruded polystyrene foam.

(1) Polystyrene foam. nly the bonding process can be adopted to form the insulation layer of the carriage. Ordinary polystyrene foam used as insulation material for refrigerated and thermal insulation truck has been basically eliminated in Western countries; however, due to its low price, some small factories in my country are still using it.

It is currently the most widely used excellent thermal insulation material. The main factors which will affect the thermal conductivity of polyurethane insulation materials are the density of foam, the diameter of bubble, independence rate of bubble, humidity and temperature. Because of its low heat transfer coefficient, good thermal insulation performance, high strength, and good manufacturability, it is suitable to make the carriage through the methods of injecting the molding foaming, bonding, spraying and other processes, so it is currently widely used in the manufacturing of refrigerated and thermal insulation truck.It is used mostly in Western developed countries, and is also widely used in our country. 


3)It is the thermal insulation materials used in the internationally advanced refrigerated and thermal insulation truck. It must not only have good thermal insulation performance, but also have light weight. There is a new type of thermal insulation material-Extruded polystyrene foam board (extruded polystyrene foam) is a high-tech product. It is different from ordinary polystyrene foam. Its advantages are: (1) good thermal insulation performance and the coefficient of heat transfer is 0.025 W/(m2.K); (2) High strength, compressive strength is 4 GPa; (3) Light weight, the density is 40 kg/m3; (4) No moisture absorption, corrosion resistance, water absorption rate is 0.5% . Foreign companies that are using this kind of heat insulation material include British company RVL, American company Kidron, French company Lcapitaine, etc.; and several large domestic refrigerated and thermal insulation truck manufacturing companies are also using this kind of heat insulation material.

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