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New Product Developed By Shazhou Company: Anti-Collision Buffer Vehicle

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The main function of anti-collision buffer vehicle is designed to provide comprehensive passive safety protection for road maintenance workers and equipment in the temporary lane closed section. This product has the advantages of convenient operation, no interruption of traffic, flexible work, high efficiency, easy operation, high safety and reliability. And it is especially suitable for the construction of daily maintenance of expressway and municipal roads.

Main structure of Anti-collision buffer truck 

 impact cushion 

Anti-collision cushion pad & chassis are connected through hinge pin. And the cushion pad can be removed by pulling out the hinge pin and unplugging plugs nearby. 

Cargo box assay

The cargo box is welded with high quality profile steel and steel plates, which is firmly connected to the truck chassis. 

       Working platform and seats are set on both sides of the cargo box to facilitate the construction personnel to place and collect the safety bucket. And the staff can safely sit on the truck to carry out the work without getting off with risk. 

Anti-collision cushion

The anti-collision cushion adopts the new "TMA-US-100K" imported from VEDEGRO Netherlands. Its shell is made of light aluminum alloy plate. In the middle, aluminum alloy thin film honeycomb energy absorption material is filled. Total eight double-section curved aluminum tube structure are installed externally. When a collision occurs, the double-section curved aluminum tube will be the first to stress deformation, which absorb 2000P or huge impact energy from pickup trucks and higher speed cases under the 3-51K standard. When the energy overcomes the deformation rate of the aluminum tube, the aluminum tube bends inward, and then anti-collision cushion is supposed to continue to absorb the rest of the energy.

The aluminum alloy thin film honeycomb material adopted in the cushion will undergo controllable deformation so as to absorb collision energy effectively. The buffer module can automatically rise or fall. And it is locked in two positions: When in the working model, the module will be locked in the horizontal position; when in the driving mode, the module will be locked in the upright position to improve the driving maneuverability.

Guide rack

Large electronic arrow reflective signs is adopted. And it is fixed on the robust bracket structure of the anti-collision buffer device, and equipped with drive power supply and remote control. The arrow sign can guide the left, right or forbidden passages, which provides active safety guidance for road vehicles, minimizes the impact of construction on traffic flow, and ensures safety, effectively protect the construction personnel and equipment, also maximizes the safety of the people inside the anti-collision vehicle.


Buffer module status 

working status of buffer model 

Driving status of bufer model 

Induction lamp details

Induction lamp  control box 

Different induction lamp status



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