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Busy And Oderly Resumption Of Production

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Busy and orderly resumption of production 

Recently, the technical department and the prototype vehicle test personnel are taking the last time to to upgrade, optimize and debug for new type of custom designed garbage transfer station for neighboring city which make the workshop of the company's special vehicle department very busy. The garbage station is hydraulic compression type, which cooperates with the with roll off garbage truck, it can compress the garbage collected by various ways in the vicinity of the garbage station and directly push it into the matching rubbish bin, and then ben transported to the garbage station for the terminal processing

The garbage compression station is highly automated, and all operations can be controlled through the instrument panel and electrical system. In addition, the garbage station has overcome the shortcomings of the old ones that couldn’t move. The compression station can move forward, backward, left, and right through the tractor and track. A hopper is equipped on the side of the garbage station, which can work with varieties of garbage trucks for garbage dumping. Sanitation workers first dump garbage into the hopper, and then the hopper lift and fill the rubbish bin for the compression. These improvements have greatly facilitated the loading and unloading of garbage, improved the operating efficiency, and improved the working environment of sanitation workers.

At the commissioning site, we can also see that the company's newly developed National VI Rear Compression Garbage Truck, which is also in the final assembly and commissioning phase. 

The garbage compression station can operate multiple rubbish bin in one station, which improves the turnover rate and operation efficiency of the rubbish bin. In addition, while operation, one garbage truck chassis can handle multiple rubbish bins and stations, which greatly reduces operating costs & equipment costs.In addition, it is easy to clean up and rinse on site of the station, ensuring the good hygiene of the operation site.  

With the vigorous development of the food cold chain, e-commerce of fresh food, and pharmaceutical cold chain, the overall demand of refrigerated truck in domestic market has shown a steady upward trend.  The refrigerated truck project, as the important direction of company’s  two legs walking strategy, now already has also entered the formal commissioning stage. 

The platemaking of refrigerated compartment adopts vacuum negative pressure technology, the middle insulation applies the material of extruded polystyrene foam, and the inner and outer cover materials is high-quality reinforced fiber glass plastic. Extruded polystyrene foam material is a new type of heat insulation material, which has the characteristics of light weight, good heat insulation performance, high strength, long life and no moisture absorption.

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