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6 CBM Rear Compression Type Garbage Truck

This garbage truck is fully enclosed special device for garbage collection and transportation and be of high efficiency and easy operation. And they are mainly used in city sanitation & household wastes disposal. Garbage collected inside the carriage will be compressed and discharged automatically, sewage during compression and transportation will be collected by drain tank under the bottom, thus there will be no leakage and scatter. And secondary pollution is settled.
  • MD5070ZYS


  • 8705909990

  • Diesel 

  • 6 CBM

A 6 CBM rear compression type garbage truck refers to a specific type of garbage truck designed for collecting and compacting solid waste. The "6 CBM" indicates the capacity of the truck's storage compartment, which is 6 cubic meters.

In this type of garbage truck, the rear compression mechanism is used to compact the waste, allowing for increased storage capacity and more efficient transportation. The garbage truck is equipped with a hydraulic system that compresses the waste as it is loaded into the storage compartment.

When operating, the rear compression garbage truck approaches the waste collection point, typically a bin or dumpster, and lifts it using hydraulic arms or lifting mechanisms. The waste is then deposited into the storage compartment at the rear of the truck. As more waste is loaded, the hydraulic system compresses the garbage, reducing its volume and creating more space for additional waste.

The rear compression mechanism offers several advantages for waste collection and transportation:

High compression ratio: the vehicle is equipped with a high-pressure hydraulic device, which is able to compress the garbage to 1/6 of the original volume, improving the transportation efficiency.

Large capacity: the vehicle is designed to hold a large amount of garbage, reducing the number of transports and lowering transportation costs.

Environmental protection and energy saving: the 6-party rear compressed garbage truck adopts electric drive and compression device, which reduces noise and exhaust pollution, and lowers energy consumption.

Intelligent management: the garbage truck is equipped with an intelligent management system, which can monitor the running status of the vehicle and the filling of the garbage in real time and improve the management efficiency.

High safety: the design of the vehicle focuses on safety, such as equipped with anti-tipping device, emergency braking device and other safety facilities to ensure safe operation. At the same time, the chassis of the vehicle is solid and has a strong carrying capacity, which can be adapted to various complex road conditions.

Affordable: The price of the vehicle is relatively moderate, suitable for use in various cities and regions. In addition, the car's maintenance costs are low, long service life, has a high cost-effective.

Overall, the 6-party rear compressed garbage truck has the features of high compression ratio, large capacity, environmental protection and energy saving, intelligent management, high safety, and affordable.

Features of rear compression garbage trucks 

I. Sturb & durable garbage carriage 

The rear carriage is made high strength Q345 manganese stee, the thickness is 3mm for side panel and 4 mm for bottom. And the bottom of the garbage carriage is specially strengthened, which is not easy to be get collapsed, deformed and wearing, and it can extend the service life of the product.  Also the slider of the pushing shovel is made of high quality MC nylon,which is self-lubricating and highly wear resistant.


garbage carriage reinforced bottom


pushing shovel plate

II. long service life  

The garbage carriage are of acid, alkali, corrosion resistance, since it will be treated with electrophoresis.  And it can work at least 8 to 10 years not go rusting. 


III.  High compression ratio and large loading capacity;

 Pushing shovel with 3 section hydraulic cylinders is installed inside the tank, which can compress or push out the garbage already loaded. And its loading capacity is almost 2.5 times of those normal garbage trucks without compression mechanism . 


IV. Automatic operation:

 There are 2 operation mode options: computer control or manual operation.If it is of computer model, only driver himself can finish the whole process of loading or discharging. It not only reduces the labor intensity but also improves working environment of labors.  Also this 2 operation model design greatly gurantees the utilization rate of vehicles. 


V. Outstanding Sealing property:

The whole truck is hermetically sealed, self-compressed & self –dumped, sewage flow into drain tank at the bottom of garbage loader. Extra tank is also installed at the front bottom of garbage carriage too. These measures will guarantees zero-garbage & zero-water leakage during collecting& transportation. By this way, the secondary pollution problem is solved thoroughly.


VI. High safety peformance

Bidirectional balancing valve is adopted in the hydraulic system of lifting loader.This valve not only guarantees the smooth lowering of the loader, but also cuts off the direct connection between the lifting cylinder and the hydraulic
hose. In this case, the garbage loader will not fall suddenly even if the hydraulic hose bursts.





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