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6 CBM Hanging Bucket Compression Garbage Truck

It is mianly used for centralized collection & transfer of urban & rural household wastes. Besides garbage collection, it also compress the garbage inside to get space to load more,drain the sewage inisde the garbage and then transfer the compressed wastes to garbage disposal center .At last,discharge the garbage loaded.
  • MD5042


  • Diesel 

  • 6 CBM

6-party trailer bucket compressed garbage truck has become an indispensable and important tool in urban environmental sanitation work with its features of large capacity, automation, airtightness, multiple power options and wide range of applications.


Features of rear compression garbage trucks

I. Multiple power options: according to different operational requirements and site conditions, the 6-party trailer drum compressed garbage truck can choose from a variety of power systems, such as diesel engines, gasoline engines, electric motors and so on.


Strengthened bottoom of compartment


Pushing shovel inside compartment

II. long service life  

The garbage carriage are of acid, alkali, corrosion resistance, since it will be treated with electrophoresis.  And it can work at least 8 to 10 years without going rusting.


III.  High compression ratio and large loading capacity;

Pushing shovel with 3 section hydraulic cylinders is installed inside the tank, which can compress or push out the garbage already loaded. And its loading capacity is almost 2.5 times of those normal garbage trucks without compression mechanism .


IV. Automation: the 6-party trailer bucket compressed garbage truck adopts advanced compression technology to compress the garbage through the hydraulic system, which makes the garbage more compact and maximizes the use of space. Meanwhile, the automated operation simplifies the operation process and reduces the labor intensity.


V. Outstanding Sealing property: the box of the 6-party bucket compressed garbage truck adopts airtight design, which effectively prevents the dripping of garbage and the spreading of odor during the transportation process, and protects the environment.

沙洲车辆绿色后填装垃圾车_画板 1

VI. Large capacity: the 6-party trailer bucket compressed garbage truck has a large capacity of the garbage bin, which can hold more garbage, reduce the number of frequent clearing and improve the operational efficiency.


Features of hanging bucket compression garbage trucks 


I. Sturb & durable garbage carriage 

The rear carriage is made high strength Q345 manganese steel, the thickness is 3mm for side panel and 4 mm for bottom. And the bottom of the garbage carriage is specially strengthened, which is not easy to be get collapsed, deformed and wearing, and it can extend the service life of the product. 


II. long service life  

The garbage carriage are of acid, alkali, corrosion resistance, since it will be treated with electrophoresis.  And it can work at least 8 to 10 years not go rusting. 


III.  Large loading capacity

The rear garbage compartment is equipped with a pushing shovel compression unit which can push the garbage collected inside the carriage.This design effectively improves the use of the carriage.


IV. Automatic operation:

Garbage is loaded through the lifting mechanism mountned at the side of the carriage, which is controlled by hydraulic system. The lifting & lowering of the lifting meachanism, garbage dumping are also realized by the control of hydraulic system. This design not only reduces the labor intensity of workers and improves the working environment of workers. 



V. high safety & stability.

Double 2-stage cylinders are adopted for the tilting of the carriage to ensure the lifting height and stability of lifting process.


Specially designed interlocking system is applied to garbage lifting and pushing plates to avoid garbage scattering and parts damage due to wrong operation. Only when the push plate holds out against the cam valve, can the lifting mechanism work.

5042修改_画板 1

V. Outstanding Sealing property:

Large volume stainless steel drain tank is installed at the bottom of the carriage,  its function is to collect sewage during transportation and compression. 

Rear door of container is locked by 2  hydraulic cylinder lock hooks. Together with quality imported sealing strips adopted, no sewage or garbage leakage will occur.




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