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Feedback for 3 Ton garbage trucks 

To:  Deruixiang Industrial (China) Co., Ltd

So far, we have purchased 4 batches garbage trucks since year 2012. From the first generation side loading type garbage truck to rear loading compression garbage trucks.
1, Efficiency, the latest 3 units we received are obviously improved compared with first order. The lifting mechanism is improved, also the update on the hydraulic system makes the operation easier & simple. Our staff are really satisfied with the new models now.
2, Durability. No overhaul or serious quality claims since we purchase.
3, Timely service. As promised service team will arrive in time when failures occur. Your on-site training on trouble shoot really helps us a lot.
Really hope your company would develop more advanced and useful equipment that can could meet the development of the society.

And will help to promote and wish to work with you in long term’s basis.
Your sincerely
Jiangsu Chuangmei Property Services Limited
28th March 2017  

1 Ton garbage trucks feedback 
To: Deruixiang Industrial (China) Co., Ltd
Our unit selected your company's 1-ton self-loading/unloading garbage trucks through bidding in 2014, and has put them in operation several years. Now give us feedback as below:   these trucks have distinctive features like “small”, “convenient “, “smart”, which are suitable for various situations and convenient for us to go down the streets. 

The compression mechanism makes we can collect 2 times garbage of those without compression mechanism which greatly improves our efficiency and reduces our cost for the same route.  

No overhaul on these trucks so far. And so long as we call your service department, they will response by solution suggestion or on-site service with spare vehicle to make sure no delay on the work.
Suggestion or improve:
There is little leakage problem on part of the garbage trucks we purchased. We hope you can improve on the sealing and to avoid secondary pollution during loading & transportation.
 We are willing to work with your company in long terms basis.
Your sincerely
Urban and Rural Environmental Management Center , Weitang town, xiangcheng District, Suzhou City. 
13th March 2018




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