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Types of Small Forklifts: A Comprehensive Guide by Hebei Custom

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Types of Small Forklifts: A Comprehensive Guide by Hebei Custom


When it comes to material handling and warehouse operations, small forklifts play a crucial role in ensuring efficiency and productivity. These compact yet powerful machines are designed to maneuver in tight spaces and lift heavy loads with ease. Hebei Custom, a leading provider of forklift solutions, offers a wide range of small forklifts tailored to meet diverse industry needs. In this article, we will explore the different types of small forklifts available from Hebei Custom, highlighting their features and applications.

1. Electric Counterbalance Forklifts:

Electric counterbalance forklifts are the most common type of small forklifts used in warehouses and distribution centers. These forklifts are powered by electric batteries, making them eco-friendly and cost-effective. With their compact design and zero emissions, they are ideal for indoor operations. Hebei Custom offers a range of electric counterbalance forklifts with varying load capacities, lift heights, and maneuverability options to suit different applications.

2. Reach Trucks:

Reach trucks are specifically designed for narrow aisle operations, making them perfect for maximizing storage space in warehouses. These forklifts feature a unique mast design that allows the forks to extend forward, enabling them to reach deep into racks. Hebei Custom's reach trucks are equipped with advanced technology for enhanced stability and precise load handling. They are known for their exceptional maneuverability and can operate in aisles as narrow as 8 feet.

3. Order Pickers:

Order pickers are commonly used in e-commerce and retail industries for efficient order fulfillment. These forklifts are designed to lift operators along with the load, allowing them to pick items directly from shelves at various heights. Hebei Custom's order pickers are equipped with safety features such as guardrails and non-slip platforms to ensure operator safety. They are highly maneuverable and offer excellent visibility, enabling operators to navigate crowded aisles with ease.

4. Pallet Jacks:

Pallet jacks, also known as pallet trucks, are essential tools for moving palletized loads within a warehouse or distribution center. Hebei Custom offers both manual and electric pallet jacks to cater to different requirements. Manual pallet jacks are operated by hand, while electric pallet jacks are powered by batteries for effortless load transportation. These compact forklifts are designed for quick and easy maneuvering in confined spaces, making them indispensable for material handling tasks.


Hebei Custom provides a wide range of small forklifts designed to meet the diverse needs of modern industries. Whether you require electric counterbalance forklifts, reach trucks, order pickers, or pallet jacks, Hebei Custom has the perfect solution for your material handling requirements. With their advanced features, exceptional maneuverability, and robust construction, these small forklifts offer unmatched performance and efficiency. Invest in Hebei Custom's small forklifts today and experience the difference in your warehouse operations.

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