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Types of Excavators: A Comprehensive Guide by Hebei Custom

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Types of Excavators: A Comprehensive Guide by Hebei Custom


Excavators are essential heavy machinery used in construction, mining, and various other industries. These versatile machines are designed to dig, lift, and move large quantities of materials efficiently. Hebei Custom, a renowned provider of heavy machinery, offers a wide range of excavators to cater to diverse project requirements. In this article, we will explore the different types of excavators available at Hebei Custom, highlighting their unique features and applications.

1. Crawler Excavators:

Crawler excavators, also known as tracked excavators, are equipped with tracks instead of wheels. These tracks provide excellent stability and mobility, making them suitable for rough terrains and uneven surfaces. Crawler excavators are commonly used in construction projects, such as digging trenches, demolishing structures, and excavating foundations. Hebei Custom offers crawler excavators with various bucket sizes and reach capabilities, ensuring optimal performance in different working conditions.

2. Wheel Excavators:

Wheel excavators, as the name suggests, are equipped with wheels instead of tracks. These excavators are highly maneuverable and suitable for working on hard surfaces like roads and pavements. They are often used in urban construction projects, road maintenance, and utility work. Hebei Custom provides wheel excavators with advanced features like 360-degree rotation, allowing operators to work efficiently in tight spaces.

3. Mini Excavators:

Mini excavators, also known as compact excavators, are smaller in size compared to their larger counterparts. These excavators are highly versatile and can access confined spaces with ease. Mini excavators are commonly used in landscaping, utility installations, and small construction projects. Hebei Custom offers mini excavators with various attachments, such as buckets, augers, and hydraulic hammers, enhancing their versatility and productivity.

4. Long Reach Excavators:

Long reach excavators are specifically designed to reach greater depths and distances. These excavators feature extended booms and arms, allowing them to work in areas that are inaccessible to standard excavators. Long reach excavators are commonly used in dredging, river maintenance, and deep excavation projects. Hebei Custom provides long reach excavators with customizable reach capabilities, ensuring efficient operations in challenging environments.

5. Amphibious Excavators:

Amphibious excavators are unique machines designed to work in wetland areas, swamps, and shallow water bodies. These excavators are equipped with specialized pontoons or floating undercarriages, enabling them to float and move in water. Amphibious excavators are commonly used in environmental restoration projects, riverbank maintenance, and shoreline construction. Hebei Custom offers amphibious excavators with enhanced stability and efficient propulsion systems, ensuring optimal performance in aquatic environments.


Hebei Custom offers a comprehensive range of excavators to meet diverse project requirements. From crawler excavators for rough terrains to mini excavators for confined spaces, their lineup caters to various industries and applications. Whether you need to dig trenches, demolish structures, or work in wetland areas, Hebei Custom has the perfect excavator for your needs. With their commitment to quality and advanced features, Hebei Custom is a trusted partner for all your heavy machinery requirements.

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