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Negative Pressure Monitoring Ambulance for Aid

The task of modern ambulances is not only to transport people from the accident site to the hospital as soon as possible, but to be able to treat patients at the accident site or on the way to the hospital.
  • MD6480


  • 2438 cc

  • Gasoline 

Ambulances have changed dramatically in the past 40 years. Until the late 1960s, the main task of the ambulance was simply to transport people from the accident scene to the hospital as quickly as possible. The space inside the compartment is very narrow, with only some very basic first aid equipment. Since then, however, both ambulances and paramedics have changed. The interior of modern ambulances is relatively spacious, so that there is enough space for ambulance staff to treat patients on the way to the hospital.Modern ambulances also carry a large number of bandages and topical supplies that can help stop bleeding, clean wounds, and prevent infections.


Ambulances we refitted mainly can be divided into transfer type and monitoring type according to their use: 

Basic transfer type: The transfer type ambulance is the most common type of ambulance that can be used to transport relatively stable patients to the hospital. During the transfer, only some simple medical treatments such as infusion, oxygen inhalation, hemostasis, and bandaging are allowed. This kind of ambulances are the most common we can find on the road. Monitoring type : Monitoring ambulance is an ambulance that has first-aid resuscitation equipment and necessary medicines, and can rescue critically injured patients on the scene or during transportation. And now we would like take this chance to introduce our mormitoring type ambulance.


The interior of the rear medical compartment is composed of six major parts: the inner roof, the left & right side panel, the partition wall, the cabinet bed, and the oxygen cylinder cabinet. Each panel is made of German DSM composite polymer materials. Also, USA FRT disposable mold forming process is adopted.The surface hardness of the panels reaches 56 bar hardness and the surface is not easy to be scratched, also it has advantages like mildew proof, bacteria proof, anti-static, moisture resistance, flame retardant, easy to clean & disinfect, high strength, anti-aging, no odor, non-toxic, strong safety. The interior joints are evenly and smoothly connected without sharp protruding shapes, and the connection periphery is also been polished.

transfering type

The integrated medicine and equipment cabinet is processed by polymer lead-free environmental protection plate, and its corners are all been rounded, edge-sealed and without burrs. And the medicine equipment cabinet can be used for disposable supplies, injection supplies, trauma dressing supplies, isolation and protection supplies, emergency air cushions, soft stretchers.


Stretcher system:

The stretcher platform is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, with a structure of upper and bottom layers, which effectively utilizes the limited space in the compartment. An automatic stretcher can be placed on the upper part of the platform, and a shovel-type stretcher can be placed on the bottom.

The rear end of the platform is equipped with a bumper protection board, which is convenient for the stretcher to get on and off. The shovel stretcher is made of high-strength aluminum alloy. And it adopts a separate rigid structure to transfer fractures and seriously injured patients. There are clutch devices at both ends to separate the stretcher into two parts. This new clutch device ensures that it does not break or loosen during use. 


Suction system: 

The vehicle is equipped with a split suction device and it is connected with hidden pipes. When in operation, just turn on the suction switch on the membrane switch, adjust the gear position, and observe the negative pressure of the screen to be appropriate pressure, then it can be used by the patient. Adjustable range: 0.02-0.08Mpa, pumping speed ≥20L / min, working noise ≤60dB, storage bottle capacity 1000ml.


Suction device on monitoring ambulance



Control system :


 Main Membrane switch               

All electrical devices in the medical compartment adopt integrated circuit control system, membrane switch operation. LCD screen can display the battery power, warning light status, working light status, exhaust status, suction status and other related working status. And the staff can intuitively grasp the working status of the electrical equipment and find faults in time. The membrane switch is installed in the upper left side of the medical compartment. The membrane switch adopts abrasion-resistant PVC engineering flexible surface stickers, which has the characteristics of integral molding and easy cleaning. And its design lifetime is of 100,000 times. LCD screen material uses STN material, custom segment LCD display.


Main Membrane switch


back up switch 

Standby control system: In case of unexpected failure of the main control system, a set of standby manual control system is provided to ensure that all electrical equipment inside the medical compartment can be directly controlled under emergency.




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