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Luxury European 12M 54 Seats City Tour Big Diesel Bus

As a luxury bus, it offers a range of premium amenities and features. These may include comfortable and well-padded seats, generous legroom, air conditioning or climate control, advanced audiovisual systems, Wi-Fi connectivity, charging ports for electronic devices, and possibly even individual seat amenities such as USB ports, reading lights, and tables. The interior may also feature high-quality materials, elegant finishes, and stylish design elements.

  • Diesel 

A luxury European 12-meter diesel bus with 54 seats, specifically designed for city tours, offers a comfortable and luxurious experience for passengers. Here are some details about this type of bus:

Length: The bus measures 12 meters in length, providing ample space for seating passengers and accommodating their needs during city tours.

Seating Capacity: The bus can accommodate up to 54 passengers, including any additional seating for the driver and other staff members.

◆Monocoaue structure design

With the application of German Kässbohrer Monocoque technology, patented high strength steel structure,and

overall carrying closed-loop skeletonthe mass is lighter by80 than other products.

◆Advanced lane departure warning system(LDWS) and forward collision forewarning system(Optional)

◆Verication of parts in test chamber

Totally 43 part tests were performed, including the waterproof and dustproof test of lamps, the corrosion resistance test of trim parts, the motion reliability test of compartment doors, and the reliability test of seats.

◆Front independent suspension from Benz technology

The double A-arm independent air suspension is equipped to achieve higher urban driving safety. In addition, it reduces the vibration frequency of vehicle body, effectively attenuates the bumpiness arising from the rugged roads and achieves excellent driving smoothness of the vehicle.




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