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Low Noise Wide Range of Applications Small 2.5T Electric Forklift

2.5T electric forklift, also known as 2.5 ton electric forklift, is an electric handling equipment with strong carrying capacity and efficient working performance.
  • 2.5T electric forklift

  • 2700*1250*2300

  • 3300KG

2.5T electric forklift, also known as 2.5-ton electric forklift, is an electric handling equipment with strong carrying capacity and efficient working performance. The following is a detailed description of 2.5T electric forklift:

Carrying capacity: The main feature of 2.5T electric forklift is its strong carrying capacity, which can easily carry and stack goods weighing up to 2500 kg.

Main parameters:

Load center distance: Generally 500mm, which is the horizontal distance from the center of gravity of the goods on the forklift fork to the front wall of the vertical section of the fork.

Maximum lifting height: It can reach 3000mm, enabling the forklift to easily handle goods on high shelves.

Mast tilt angle: The angles of forward and backward tilt are usually 6° and 12° to meet different handling needs.

Turning radius: The minimum outer turning radius is 2320mm, ensuring flexible operation in narrow spaces.

Maximum driving speed (no load): In the no-load state, the maximum driving speed can reach 8km/h.

Lifting speed (full load): In the full load state, the lifting speed can reach 257mm/s.

Maximum climbing grade (full load): Even when fully loaded, it can easily climb a 10% slope.

Weight (including battery): Including the battery, the vehicle's weight is about 4460kg.

Main dimensions:

Length to the vertical plane of the fork: about 3460mm.

Full width: 1180mm, ensuring that the forklift can pass smoothly in narrow passages and warehouses.

Minimum height of the vehicle: 1990mm, convenient for operation in limited space.

Fork size (length x width x height): usually 1070x122x40mm, which can adapt to goods of various sizes and shapes.

Technical features:

2.5T electric forklifts usually use AC travel motors, which are brushless, maintenance-free, stable in operation and long in life.

Equipped with a low-speed DC lifting motor and a low-noise gear pump with excellent performance to reduce the vehicle's form noise and lifting noise.

Advanced electronic control system, high efficiency, low heat generation, low noise, and with thermal protection and thermal compensation, overvoltage, undervoltage protection and other functions.

The user-friendly interactive multi-function instrument can accurately display the battery power, working time, fault code, etc.


Compared with internal combustion forklifts, electric forklifts have no exhaust gas, low noise, clean and more environmentally friendly.

Flexible and maneuverable, small turning radius, suitable for working in narrow places.

Can be used indoors and outdoors, strong adaptability.

The maintenance operation is simple, and the motor hardly needs to be repaired.

The operation is simple and you can learn it at a glance.

The maintenance cost is low, and the charging energy consumption is almost negligible.

In short, the 2.5T electric forklift has been widely used in logistics, warehousing and other industries with its strong carrying capacity, efficient working performance and environmental protection and energy saving. The following are the specific parameters of the vehicle:




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