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JMC Double Row Anti-collision Buffer Vehicle

The main function of anti-collision buffer vehicle is designed to provide comprehensive passive safety protection for road maintenance workers and equipment in the temporary lane closed section.

  • Gasoline 

JMC Double Row Collision Avoidance Buffer Truck is a special-purpose vehicle, which is mainly used in construction and repair sites on highways and municipal roads to provide safety collision avoidance and buffer effect, and to reduce the losses and risks caused by accidental collision.


Main parts of the vehicle 

I.  Anti-collision cushion

The anti-collision cushion adopts welded with high-strength steel, which has high impact resistance and carrying capacity. Its core component is the collision buffer package, which usually adopts the international famous brand of collision buffer energy-absorbing block, which can absorb the high-speed impact energy and effectively reduce the degree of collision damage to the construction personnel.


It is also equipped with a high-performance hydraulic system, which can realize rapid lifting and dropping operation, and is convenient for construction personnel to make height adjustments. In addition, the vehicle is also equipped with LED display screen and wireless remote control operation and other functions, which is convenient for construction personnel to carry out long-distance control and information release.


Working status


Driving status

II. Guide rack :

Large electronic arrow reflective signs is adopted. And it is fixed on the robust bracket structure of the anti-collision buffer device, and equipped with drive power supply and remote control. The arrow sign can guide the left, right or forbidden passages, which provides active safety guidance for road vehicles, minimizes the impact of construction on traffic flow, and ensures safety, effectively protect the construction personnel and equipment, also maximizes the safety of the people inside the anti-collision vehicle.


III. Chasis cargo box 

The cargo box is welded with high quality profile steel and steel plates, which is firmly connected to the truck chassis.  Working platform and seats are set on both sides of the cargo box to facilitate the construction personnel to place and collect the safety bucket. And the staff can safely sit on the truck to carry out the work without getting off with risk.


IV. Guide rack  & cushion controller 

The chassis configuration of JLT double-row collision buffer truck usually adopts JLT Shunda double-row cab, equipped with Isuzu 115 hp engine, which has high power performance and fuel economy. The tires of the vehicle adopt 7.00R16 steel wire tires, which have good abrasion resistance and anti-explosion performance. The exterior design of the vehicle adopts the classic design of JMC light trucks, and the whole vehicle has a delicate appearance and high-end atmosphere, which ensures the driving comfort and takes into account the safety.


In a word, JMC double-row collision buffer truck is a kind of safe, reliable and high-performance construction equipment, which can effectively protect the life safety of construction workers and property safety.




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