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JAC 5 CBM Water Tank Sprinkler with Automatic Water Cannon

Sprinkler is suitable for the flushing of all kinds of road surface, trees, green belts, lawn, roads, mine enterprises construction, and the clean of high building. Besides functions like watering, dusting, high- and low-level spraying, pesticide spraying, guardrail washing, it also can be very useful in water transportation, drainage, and fire emergency etc.

  • 8704210000

  • Diesel 

  • 5 CBM

  • 8280 kg

      Main advantanges of automatic water cannon 

I. Intelligent water cannon is a new type of sanitation, greening, and fire sprinkler. This vehicle can automatically adjust the angle, the direction, the spray mode, and the intelligent program control. 


II. All the operation of the water canon can be done inside the cab, unsafe factors of manual levers of rear-mounted high-pressure water cannons were resolved, it also reduces labor costs. 


III. The design of the intelligent full-automatic water cannon is based on characteristics of the fluid dynamics, which guarantee the water output, & injection range. Also, the coverage is improved greatly. It really realized labor saving, time saving, high efficiency and energy saving


Even water mist spraying 


Strong water column injection 

Features of the water tank 

The tank is designed with an elliptical cylinder body and flat head structure. In this case, the tank has a low center of mass and the truck can move stably. The tank body and heads adopt one-time forming technology. And the butt welding process is also adopted during assembling to ensure the durability of the tank.


Every 1.5 meter inside the tank, a wave barrier plate will be installed to reduce vibration and impact of liquid on the tank when the tank is fully loaded during transportation. This design can ensure the vehicle can run smoothly. Also the wiring circuit system is concealed and waterproof joints are used to ensure the safety and reliability.



Customized tank. 

The capacity of water tank can be customzied according to customer's actual needs. Not only capacity but  material too. Stainless steel tank can be customized for water transport only or  drug spray.  Besides, frofessional anti-corrosion and antirust treatment can also be carried out inside the tank.


12 cbm water truck


3.6 cbm water truck


Stainless oval water tank


Stainless round tank

Brand quality water pump    

    Performance of sprinkler is mainly depending on the quality of the water pump. Domestic well-known brand of  Hangzhou Weilong spraying pump is choosed for the sprinkler because of its good quality, long service life, and convenient repair.  Tank Trucks with wloong pumps have excellent performance in reducing consumption and facilitating maintenance. Through various special vehicles, Wloong pumps have also been exported to many overseas countries for urban greening and sanitation work. (sprinkler & suction truck)


Multiple working Modes

The sprinkler is equipped with: Front-flushing (spraying), rear-blowing, side-spraying (sprinkling). 


Front flushing


Side spraying 


Rear blowing 

       The main aspect which decides the quality of water sprinkler is quality of chassis. In our factory, only mainstream brand quality chassis like DFA, Isuzu, & Yuejin will be recommended. For this model, the chassis we choose is DFA 




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