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How To Define The Features Of Refrigerated Truck?

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As the saying goes, people rely on food as their heaven. Refrigerated truck carries cold chain logistics and is closely related to people's lives. In recent years, relevant departments have intensively supported the development of the refrigerated fresh-keeping truck industry from multiple dimensions. The unique characteristics of refrigerated fresh-keeping truck have aroused widespread concern.


Here is the content list:

  • How to define refrigerated truck?

  • What is the structure of refrigerated truck?

  • What are the outstanding characteristics of refrigerated truck?


How to define refrigerated truck?

Refrigerated truck refers to a closed van transport vehicle used to maintain the temperature of frozen or preserved goods. The refrigerated truck is a special refrigerated transport vehicle equipped with a refrigeration unit and a polyurethane insulation compartment.

Refrigerated trucks can be divided into many categories by compartment type, manufacturer, refrigeration units and chassis carrying capacity. The application of which concludes transport frozen foods, dairy products, vegetables and fruits, vaccines, medicine and many other ones.


What is the structure of refrigerated truck?

The refrigerated truck is composed of the walking part of the special chassis, the carriage with thermal insulation function, the refrigeration unit, and the carriage temperature recorder.

Each component of refrigerated truck has been carefully studied and the most suitable materials are used. Among them, the material of the thermal insulation part is generally composed of polyurethane material, FRP, color steel plate and stainless steel.

  • Refrigeration units

Refrigeration units of refrigerated truck can be classified into domestic and imported, non-independent and independent systems, etc. General models use external coolers, and some mini refrigerated trucks use built-in coolers.

For refrigerated vehicles with lower temperature requirements, a built-in cold plate can be used in the compartment, which functions as an evaporator.

  • Chassis

Compared with the choice of ordinary truck chassis, customers also need to consider the types of the chassis when purchasing. Classified by chassis carrying capacity, refrigerated truck can be divided into micro, small, medium and large.

  • Carriage

Classified according to the form of the carriage, refrigerated trucks can be divided into compartment type, van type, and semi-trailer type.

There are many ways to assemble refrigerated truck carriage. The most common is the "sandwich" board bonding type that is assembled in pieces.

Large domestic manufacturers of refrigerated trucks all adopt this technology, and the refrigerated trucks produced by this technology have higher thermal insulation performance.

In addition, there are assembling methods of refrigerated truck compartments with injection foaming type, integral skeleton injection foaming type, and vacuum adsorption type sticking.

  • Optional parts

For refrigerated trucks with special requirements, such as meat hook trucks, meat hooks, cargo troughs, aluminum alloy guide rails, ventilation troughs and other optional parts can be added.


What are the outstanding characteristics of refrigerated truck?

Controlling the quality of refrigerated truck determines the quality of cold chain logistics to a large extent. The reason why cold chain logistics has chosen refrigerated truck as the carrier is that refrigerated lorry has the following four outstanding characteristics.

  • Tightness

The refrigerated truck container needs to ensure strict sealing to reduce the heat exchange with the outside, so as to ensure that the temperature in the refrigerated cabinet is kept low.

  • Refrigeration

This is one of the most important characteristics of refrigerated trucks. The additional refrigeration equipment is connected with the container. They are able to provide continuous refrigeration to ensure that the temperature of the truck container is within the allowable range of the goods.

  • Portability

Generally, the goods transported by refrigerated trucks are items that cannot be stored for a long time. Although there is refrigeration equipment, they still need to be delivered to the destination quickly.

  • Thermal insulation

The refrigerated truck's container is similar to a container, but is made of materials with better heat insulation effect, which reduces heat exchange.


If you have read this article in detail, you should know what is refrigerated transport lorry with unique features. The refrigerated transport lorry produced by Deruixiang Industrial Co., Limited has high quality and competitive price. We will also provide you with perfect after-sales service. Of course, if you have any suggestions about refrigerated truck, you can also tell our customer service.

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